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Tom Brady, the Patriots Super Bowl Win and the Message Within

Written by Juliana Simone

February 6, 2017

What is now being considered thee most amazing Super Bowl game to ever witness in the history of the NFL, brought New England Patriots star player, Tom Brady, the sole title of the first quarterback to ever win five Super Bowls. This achievement also brought his fine team, current and past under his helm, as well as the team’s coach, Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft, the honored title of first NFL team to win five Super Bowls. Statistics on this game are large and long.

(l) New England Patriots coach Robert Kraft and Patriots QB Tom Brady with press post Super Bowl win 2017
(l) New England Patriots coach Robert Kraft and Patriots QB Tom Brady with press post Super Bowl win 2017

When announcers after two touchdowns by the opposing team the Atlanta Falcons told viewers no team in the history of the NFL had ever gone on to win the Bowl with this deficit, Patriots fans knew and said out loud or to themselves, but, this is Tom Brady. Absolutely. Brady was born to rule football and has proven time and time again he is not only the quintessential quarterback, and more arguably at the age of 39, a true American hero.

Superstar quarterback Tom Brady at Patriots XLIX Ring Ceremony wearing 4 SB rings before winning 5 in 2017. {Photo: patriots.com}
Superstar quarterback Tom Brady at Patriots XLIX Ring Ceremony wearing 4 SB rings before winning 5 in 2017. {Photo: patriots.com}

His never give up spirit exemplifies men (and women) from an earlier time in the history of the United States where the Founding Fathers sacrificed so much for the birth of America, and the women at their sides played noteworthy roles often unrecorded. His use of time epitomizes what famed New York Yankee baseball coach, Yogi Berra, is famous for saying, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” His leadership demonstrates on the field like a fine commander, General George Patton, how you keep your men through strength and faith, to keep going and win one more time.

New England Patriot QB Tom Brady with Super Bowl trophy 2017 (Photo: U.S. Weekly}
New England Patriot QB Tom Brady with Super Bowl trophy 2017 (Photo: U.S. Weekly}

President Donald Trump had this to say after the win in one of his regular tweets on Twitter:

President Trump tweet over Patriot Super Bowl win
President Trump tweet over Patriot Super Bowl win (Image: the Daily Dot)
A Super Bowl that literally became a political football, Brady entered the game with the liberal media and anti-Trumper’s narrating an anti-Patriot message, since Kraft, Belichick and Brady were all Trump supporters. The message for these people was to root for the challengers, the Atlanta Falcons, regardless of whether or not they had ever rooted for them before, simply because the main players in the Patriots were with newly elected President Donald J. Trump.


The liberal democrats who continue to insist and showcase themselves as the “party of tolerance,” proved once again, they are only tolerant of those who share their extreme views – and if not, well, they show time and time again how intolerant they truly are. For them, this had to be a tough loss.


For the real true fans of the Atlanta Falcons, those who go to their games, watch them on TV and even go back to the days of when fine coach Dan Reeves brought this team some national attention, there should be true remorse. The Falcons played hard and well and their loss with such a lead will always be stunning.

NFL Player and Coach Dan Reeves (2014)
NFL Player and Coach Dan Reeves (2014)

But it all comes back to Tom Brady and why he was the MVP for a fourth time last night. He brings it, and however far down he is, he always looks up until he wins the game one more time – for him, his team, his family, his coach, Bob Kraft and America.

Former NFL QB and Fox Sports Host Terry Bradshaw, NE Patriots QB Tom Brady and sons post Super Bowl win 2017
Former NFL QB and Fox Sports Host Terry Bradshaw, NE Patriots QB Tom Brady and sons post Super Bowl win 2017
Patriots QB Tom Brady and son post Super Bowl win 2017
Patriots QB Tom Brady and son post Super Bowl win 2017
NE Patriots QB Tom Brady with daughter post Super Bowl win 2017
NE Patriots QB Tom Brady with daughter post Super Bowl win 2017
New England Patriot QB Tom Brady and wife Gisele post Super Bowl win 2017
New England Patriot QB Tom Brady and wife Gisele post Super Bowl win 2017 {Photo: AP}
New England Patriot QB after record breaking fifth Super Bowl win with wife and daughter {photo: AP}
New England Patriot QB after record breaking fifth Super Bowl win with wife and daughter {Photo: AP}
NE Patriots QB post 2017 Super Bowl win with mother, wife and daughter
NE Patriots QB post 2017 Super Bowl win with mother, wife and daughter


Among many great reports on the game with detailed statistics, here’s one: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18628127/tom-brady-earns-super-bowl-li-mvp-honors


Update: President Prisoners, Pardons, and Passes

December 21, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

January 17, 2017 – http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/17/obama-frees-bradley-manning-273-criminals/

Obama has earned another designation in the history of the few dozen men who have earned the esteemed title of President of the United States.  He is now the first President to grant the most pardons for felons before leaving office, as well as reducing sentences for those he could not pardon.

In the remaining weeks Barack Hussein Obama (D) holds office as a two term President of the United States, who to this day, dismays many as how he achieved this position, the outgoing President continues his liberal agenda and now puts his pen to work in opening the prison gates for many felons.

On December 19th, 2016, Obama broke records when pardoning 78 people and giving another 153 commutations, the majority of who were incarcerated on drug charges. The liberal agenda among Democrat’s and others, continues to push forward the legalization of marijuana state by state. The easy answer as to why this is because its politics as usual, and in America’s most recent election on November 8th, all states who had legalized marijuana laws voted for the scandal-ridden and unlikable democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

If they can dope up the rest of the country, the green light is on for future impaired and allegedly lawless candidates like Mrs. Clinton. The uninformed voter will always fail to see that those elected used to taxpayer money and who live off the fat of the land,  heartily take their few coins they contribute with meager earnings, and will work to find any way to keep themselves in this elected position at whatever cost. If it means drugging their electorate, fine – in their thinking, ‘works for me!’ Remember the democrat party is the one who sends campaign volunteers/staffers into convalescent homes to pick up lifeless wrists to fill in the dot for their candidate come election time. A stoned youth or latter-day baby boomer demographic adds more to the fold.

The list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_granted_executive_clemency_by_Barack_Obama

Releasing the majority of America’s worst enemies interned at Guantanamo Bay, a detention center in Cuba, Obama brought the amount of prisoners from 242 to 61 this August. Obama hopes to get this number down to zero before leaving office. With twenty prisoners still on the hopeful list of transfer, there will be 41 men left who are considered too dangerous to release. The majority were from Yemen or Afghanistan and have been released to the United Arab Emirates, who the Pentagon said was considered a safe country where they could be rehabilitated, before being sent to half way houses and then freedom.

Perhaps Barack and Michelle Obama can invite them to their home as guests, since they consider them to be normal people that would easily fit into society.

This is only liberal ideology, however, not actual action. It’s much easier for this small but intent partisan group to pontificate and philosophize generous ideas of inclusion, and then fly away in their private jets or drive away in their limousines and leave the mess they created behind for the general public to experience. Witness not only the recent tragic carnage in Berlin the other day, under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new government for Germany which has allowed over 80, 000 refugees into their capital city, but the long trail of deadly incidents that have occurred under President Obama and his eight year term from this same group with ties to ISIS living within U.S. borders.

As remaining heads of state continue to push through the agenda of allowing more foreign individuals residency who wish to cause their own country’s citizens harm, and who continue to open the jail cells to prisoners found guilty of heinous crimes by their own peers and the judicial system so they can roam the streets freely, all people should embrace any means of protection while recognizing those who implemented the legislation that put their lives and families at risk, are riding around with security detail.

There’s still hope for former NFL football player O.J. Simpson, who if pardoned or released on a reduced sentence by Obama, can continue to search for the “real killers” of his ex-wife, Nicole.  He promised to do this after being found not guilty by a jury, yet it was clear to the majority of people who watched the trial 24/7, the man murdered two people in cold blood. Surely there must be a request from O.J. for Obama to give him a ‘get out of jail free’ card sitting on the retiring President’s desk. Whether there is or is not, something for BHO to consider…they could always play a good game of golf together in Hawaii.


Trump’s Thank You Tour vs. Obama’s Apology Tour

December 1, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

Cincinnati, Ohio – In a commanding performance President-Elect Donald Trump, ruled this fifty minutes on a national broadcast. There was never a dull moment. Whether it was his clear agenda laid out as the next President of the United States, or his personal remarks on the mainstream media and their blatant bias towards him throughout his run which made the large audience boo out loud, he ruled this public address.  Many of his comments made the crowd burst out in cheers: USA! USA! USA!

Taking the stage in a state whose Governor, John Kasich, would not endorse the Republican Presidential nominee or attend his nomination at the national state convention held in Ohio earlier this year, and whose fellow officers including their Secretary of the State continue to display sour grapes, voters made it clear they loved their President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. After thanking Ohio for his win in their state, Trump mentioned he had no support from Ohio’s Republican top level going into this battle, and pointed out he won Ohio by almost ten points, which is almost unheard of in politics.

It would be amazing to see Kasich or any his administration get re-elected. Any ambitious Republican in Ohio should challenge Kasich for the nomination during their next Governor election. They most likely will be rewarded not only with the opportunity to be on the ballot but to also become the next Governor of Ohio.

For any Republicans who doubted he was the man for this time, or liberals who thought he was the opposite, this speech should have at least enlightened half of his detractors. If not, those doubts reside within their own selves, not Trump or the millions of Americans who recognize what he brings to the table as a leader and patriot.

The clear difference here between the exiting President of the United States and the President-Elect, is how Barack Hussein Obama chose his initial months as POTUS to go on an apology tour, where he flew around the world to basically tell the world, America should be held accountable for its actions, beliefs, history, and in his view, misguided freedom, so to speak.

Trump, is choosing to spend his initial months as America’s incoming President, in thanking voters, and the hard-working people of the United States for believing in him, their history, the vision of the Founding Fathers, and the future of their country. No apologies for freedom.

In regards to the network media at large, who wears their support for any democrat on their sleeves, Trump mused how on Election Day they kept making comments where traditional Republican states had maybe changed from red to blue, or further into the day were too close to call or after polls had closed, x amount of states were expected to go for Clinton, and even late into the evening, early morning hours, wouldn’t call the election for him because they just couldn’t believe he’d won.

Speaking to the people, openly and honestly, he clearly described what he faced as a candidate for America’s highest office, and maintained his remarks about the mainstream media and how they were bad people. “The extremely dishonest press,” he pointed out on the media stage as usual, “Extremely dishonest people,” he continued which incited enthusiastic boos from the audience, Trump asked, “How about when a major anchor who hosted a debate, started crying when she realized we won?” (Referring to ABC’s Martha Raddatz) “She doesn’t understand things will be much better,” he said after a pause.

With great zeal, the republican President-Elect cheered, “We won in a landslide!!” The crowd cheers.

He recollected how the liberal media said in a broadcast, “There’s no way Donald Trump can break the big blue wall.” With another passionate shout out to his fans, he mused, “We not only broke the wall, we shattered that sucker!” Cheers.

Observing on media’s comments post-Election Day, he reflected on an ESPN announcer who said that was the most exciting event I’ve ever seen. Trump mused, “this business is tougher than the NFL.”

A rogue Clinton supporter gets taken out of the room and Donald comments after the momentary ruckus, “They don’t know that Hillary lost a couple of weeks ago.” He observed how many protesters don’t even vote.

In addressing his Commerce appointee, Wilbur Ross, he cited how the liberal media complained this person was a billionaire, as if this was offensive. Trump asked his audience, “Well, he knows how to make money, right? We need that…” Trump basically described he could have hired someone who was knowledgeable but with no money, but that wouldn’t be the better choice by clear example.  In a statement yesterday, Trump said, “Wilbur Ross is a champion of American manufacturing and knows how to help companies succeed.”

He maintained his position that he would be hiring as reported the best killers for the cabinet…

Trump thanked his staggering number of votes from veterans, military and police. He added he was looking into the best person to head the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and make this a successful agency that truly helps veterans.

In terms of jobs, the President-Elect quoted job numbers and how they had dropped dramatically over a decade. Michigan, for example, went from 900K to 600K. Trump said, “Today we’re living through the greatest theft of American jobs.” He reminded viewers how he said throughout this campaign and maintains today in Flint, MI, residents used to make cars and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico, and now today, the cars are made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint. Shaking his head, Trump said, “Gross incompetence.”

The President-Elect recently made notable news in saving 1,100 jobs in his Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana. Air-conditioning Company Carrier planned to move these factory positions to Mexico before Trump’s negotiations. He told Ohio “We’re going to remove the rust from the rust belt.”

Asking the audience how they felt about his recent comments about penalties for those who burned the American flag and if they agreed, he was met with mass cheers of “USA! USA! USA!” He proclaimed a new slogan that exuded brilliance in its simplicity and meaningfulness: “Buy America Hire America.”

President-Elect Trump also addressed many important issues facing the United States today – NAFTA, energy, infrastructure, taxes, Obamacare, terrorism and deepening the harbors that are being threatened right now worldwide.

Trump said that African-Americans gave him more votes than any Republican in some time, but the numbers still remain small as African-Americans still believe it’s the Democrat Party that has their best interest despite history. Trump did get one percent more than Romney with this group with 8% to Romney’s 7%. For the democrats, more importantly, Clinton was unable to achieve the numbers Obama did, receiving 88% of their vote to Obama’s 93%. Were African American voters for Obama voting more because of race or were the same voters for Trump voting more because they see him as more of an answer than Clinton and the same democrat agenda they’ve seen repeated for decades? Critics on one reason Clinton lost, is because she failed to garner the extra 5% of this demographic than Obama did during both campaigns.

Playing with the audience in this televised venue that was streaming to tens of millions if not more, he appealed to them to not let this information outside of the room, (wink) but his new Secretary of Defense, which would officially be announced on Monday, was going to be General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, someone as great as General Patton.

Parting words left by Trump appealed to people to come together. Calling for all citizens to unite he proclaimed, “We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag. From now on, it’s going to be America First. America First.” He asked for all political persuasions to “join our movement” and to hope to see all of us working again; it was up to the will of Americans. He proudly stated it was Americans who dug out the Panama Canal and walked on the moon…he remarked how Americans today have been taught to think small but they needed to believe in America’s greatness once again.

In closing, he said, “we don’t know what the next page will read, but it will be great.” He humbly told his fellow Americans they were the captains – “You’re the movement. I’m the messenger.”

{Editor: featured image photo: The Last Refuge}

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Congratulations, president-elect Donald J. Trump – You’re Hired! – And where we are today


Written by Juliana Simone

Election Day, November 8th, 2016, kept Americans up late that night and well into the early morning hours of the following day to wait to hear the final results of who would be the next President of the United States. What some believed could have been declared hours earlier, as it became more and more clear the election was going to be won by the republican candidate as important swing states that traditionally vote democrat went his way, the media anchors, with pinched and bitter faces, finally called the election for Donald J. Trump, and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, now the United States vice president-elect.

Winning five important states that the former Republican challenger for America’s highest office, former Massachusetts Governor and businessman Mitt Romney failed to – Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


Republican Governor Scott Walker, originally a competing contestant for the nomination to represent his party in this election before dropping out earlier than some others from the original seventeen-member bench, along with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-1), who was also the running-mate to Mitt Romney in 2012, must have helped Trump win in Wisconsin, a state no republican candidate for president has won since 1984.

Another big win for Trump was the state of Michigan, who also has traditionally voted Democrat. Although still to this date, with 100% reporting, Trump’s numbers have not been able to be chipped away enough with what was originally around a fifteen thousand lead, the usual democrat methods of finding lost ballot boxes in closets and trunks of cars, voters who double dip with two addresses or more dead people rising from their graves to go to their polling places. They have whittled it down to a smaller lead, but have unsuccessfully been able to find enough to show America that Michigan is still blue. In fact, after great delay, they have now declared Michigan for Trump.

Why would Michigan vote for the democrat President nominee? Their state has been in horrible economic distress for decades, which is what gave the film industry independent filmmaker Michael Moore, when he released his movie “Roger & Me,” which showcased thirty thousand people suddenly out of work when General Motors closed all of its factory doors in this town, leaving it shattered. Blue collar workers heard Trump’s message around the country, and agreed it was democrat policy under the Obama’s and President Bill Clinton, that took their jobs away and left them ruined.

Surprisingly close with this in mind, Trump still won the state however slim the margin. In Michigan, that’s “huge” as Trump would say, as he became known for using embellished adjectives such as this since he first declared his run, however sincere. With 100% reporting, Trump still has won the state by just over thirteen thousand.

From Michigan Secretary of the State Ruth Johnson’s official page, last updated Nov. 10th. (This does not include the 3.61% that went to Gary Johnson or 1.07% to Green candidate Jill Stein plus a couple of other very small percentages to two other ballot entries. (The Michigan SOTS has now announced she will call the state at the end of this month.)


Republican Trump, Donald J. 2,277,914 47.60%
Democratic Clinton, Hillary 2,264,807 47.33%

A sore point most imaginably among both the sitting democrat administration under President Obama along with the Clinton’s and the Democrat National Committee, they would perceive padding votes or fudging numbers to win this state post-election a feather in their cap. Voters can only hope election law and the registrar of voters who represent the people and the votes they cast, still upholds the law.

Arizona was also officially given to Trump, earning him their eleven electoral votes, but was also one example of a state that commonly votes Republican, has perhaps been altered by demographics of more and more illegal aliens moving within its borders.

This brought the electoral vote totals of Trump at 279 to Clinton’s 218, then 222; with Arizona’s eleven electoral votes, Trump’s final count went up to 290 and Clinton 232. Now with Michigan and sixteen electoral votes, Trump goes up to 306 and Clinton at 232.

Which brings us to the now on-going popular vote argument. The liberal mainstream media quickly grabbed on to a small lead, the scandal-ridden democrat candidate, former SOS Hillary Clinton, had among individual voter counts.

One anchor shrilly stated on camera in the wee hours of November 9th, that Trump does not have a mandate then, a popular political cliché among liberals when they lose, and told viewers that Trump could not change any Obama policy or direct the country in any of the ways he clearly and often described in his campaign addresses, rallies and interviews. As votes continue to be counted, Trump is expected to win the popular vote, as well. If illegal votes alone were taken away from Mrs. Clinton, some predict she’d lose as much as two million votes right there with investigation, but easily, the popular vote as is totaled in recent years.

Still, democrat operatives have been diligently padding votes behind the curtains since Election Day for their failed candidate, and have increased the number of cast ballots for her by hundreds of thousands, to try and save face with the claim of winning the popular vote. With projected timelines of counting and perhaps recounts it could be some time before the real figure is produced.

The 24/7 talking points from the liberal media who did everything under the sun to win an election for a party nominee Trump’s third and final Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, called correctly on a popular network news program, “a lemon,” failed to see what Conway and so many voters did equally. Clinton was a lemon, not only in 2008, when the democrats were grateful an unknown candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, came out of nowhere as a junior senator with a poor voting record who resonated with voters, regardless of party to make a momentous occasion, usurped her and took her off the stage.  Worse and again in 2016, Clinton remained a lemon as she actually added eight years of scandal, corruption and baggage to her already bruised reputation rather than using that time to redeem herself and improve her image.

Despite this fact, the liberal media and the pollsters did everything they could to help the sorely wounded nominee to the finish. The nightly news, newspapers, once perceived as the legitimate source for authenticity, and radio updates told American citizens day in and day out, that Clinton had it in the bag. The blackout they enforced on any positive news about Trump and negative news about Clinton, was a glaring example of a near future that no longer regarded the First Amendment of the Constitution and threw out any objective journalism that had always been their creed.

Even today, as this post continues to be updated, the once-respected media at large, stays on track in announcing false information about the election on either side, and highlight sub-stories as the news tries to distract viewers from the national joy the majority of American’s are feeling with Trump’s election. Choosing to focus on riots paid for by the extreme left in a few areas across the country, their narrative is to say so many people are upset with Trump being elected – a complete disingenuous message that is made up from both sour grapes in their notable loss, and a desperate attempt to somehow turn around totals that show Trump won in a large way.


If Clinton had been elected, voters would be seeing feel-good pieces 24/7 about meeting with interior designers and how she is going to redecorate her living quarters in the White House, though they’d probably leave out former President Bill Clinton’s plans for his separate space. We’d see her laughing and having lunch with daughter Chelsea, the invitation list that included all kinds of Hollywood celebrities, women crying with joy at her election, the balloons falling when the media called her win, and the menu of what would be served after her inauguration.

There would be no mention, as always, of the many still existing scandals that surround her and any continuing FBI investigations, possible impeachment, health issues or for anyone else, probing personal reporting into her non-existing marriage with the former President.

The media continues to censor stories about Trump voters who continue to get assaulted almost to the point of death, whether they’re beaten up on campus or dragged out of their cars, with no repercussions from school administrators or police, but recites stories about minorities being threatened or feeling threatened in their dorms or communities since Trump’s election, which prove to be false.

An irony in Hillary Clinton’s remark during a speech at a fundraiser about Trump supporter’s being deplorables, was that not only were many of her voters that in the same, but she herself. Who had a longer list of unacceptable actions than her, under the list of titles she chose to list at the end of her campaign stump speeches when she had nothing else to say other than to insult her opponent? She who proclaimed she’d be “taking the high road” appearance after appearance only took the stage to slur Donald Trump. No policy. No vision. No apologies. No honesty. No loyalty. No transparency. No patriotism. Game over.

Almost ten days after the election, the liberal media still tries to undermine president-elect Donald Trump on a daily basis. This is their mission, and a sad one it is considering the innumerable problems facings our states, nation and world today.  A continual whine disputing who won the popular vote, despite the reality that a considerable majority of Clinton’s cast ballots were not legit, as well as their complaint Trump’s choices of impending cabinet members have not yet been chosen by this early date, compared to his predecessors, keep the media in the unsuitable and embarrassing light they deserve to stay in.

President-elect Donald Trump will create an exceptional team of professional’s to go forward with him under his administration to make America great again. He is a man that will keep his campaign promises and a man who will implement justice both fairly and resolutely.

High Noon: Election Day 2016 Modern Day Example of Good vs. Evil

Written by Juliana Simone


November 7, 2016


The United States of America will hold one of the most imperative elections for their highest office of President, on November 8th, 2016. As far as literature goes, this is a classic example of good vs. evil. With insurmountable evidence on hand, Hillary Clinton, joined by her pseudo-husband, former POTUS Bill Clinton, represents the dark side. Black pieces on a chess board, or the like. For those of you at this moment, still unclear on why this is so, please go to earlier posts on this blog, or use search engines (though some have reportedly done their best to hide links that give clear evidence to these assertions) to learn why this is true.

Donald J. Trump, embodies the light that will make America great again. With only good intentions, and a campaign stump that has detailed policy that would turn the United States around in a positive direction, Trump has motivated millions of citizens to follow his lead and vote for him tomorrow.  History shows some of America’s best President’s in history took office after the media and some of their own party’s leadership did their best to derail them.

For movie fans, envision “The Lord of the Rings” when the good side is enclosed within their castle walls by the evil enclave who intends to slaughter all of them to give them everlasting power and darkness.

It’s arguably sad that any candidate, in this case, Donald Trump, has to argue to fellow Americans as to why they should vote for him and understand his prognosis for the United States is the one that will provide all citizens with a future that will keep them safe, free and more economically secure.

With Hillary Clinton, safety is attainable for her and fellow legislators in D.C., as they have 24/7 security detail, but it will not be there at all for everyday citizens who with Hillary’s agenda, if elected, will bring one million more Syrian refugees into America. Even if one percent of those are ISIS members, many innocent people will be killed unexpectedly, whether it’s in schools, shopping malls or on military bases.

Under an inconceivable third term of the Clinton’s, freedom under the Constitution of the United States, will be long gone, even if it continues to be chipped away in baby steps. Forget the second amendment, first amendment, sixth amendment and more. It will be a totally socialist government and society where the haves dictate to the have-nots, and the would-be liberal administration takes away all free liberties our Founding Fathers created and thousands died for in battle.

As for economic security? Under a Clinton presidency, as a candidate who has claimed to uphold and preserve all of President Obama’s policies, taxes will continue to increase, the national debt will rise, the military will become smaller, borders will open and enemies will grow stronger, American’ health care for average families will be unsustainable, and inner cities will fail to see any progress.

Sadly, there are many uniformed or misinformed voters who will show up at the polling places tomorrow. There will also be many illegal votes cast, by people who are ineligible to vote, people who vote twice, people who assume the identity of someone away and thought they were casting an absentee ballot, and, yes, the deceased, which when fact checked is a considerable number.

For those on the fence, or those who did not see Donald Trump as their nominee with such an impressive bench in late 2015, and for those who were Bernie Sanders supporters who did not like Clinton at all, recognize the difference between these two people.

The media has done their best to tell people absolutely nothing good about Trump and the many charitable things he’s done throughout his lifetime with no publicity. The media has completely blacked out the litany of crimes and misdemeanors against the Clinton’s for decades. The media has also tried to make Trump look worse than the Clinton’s in terms of personal conduct. Grasping at straws, there isn’t any comparison. On a balance scale, the Clinton’s pan weigh’s heavy.

More smiles and nods while the Clinton’s go back to their usual business of fleecing taxpayers and other world leaders with false promises, so they can continue to live their upscale lifestyle which shows politics at its worst. Token broadcast statements to make it look like something is being done, as President Obama easily managed to do for eight years. More of the same. All negative for anyone voting tomorrow who is not on the VIP list.

No contest here. Vote for Donald Trump to reduce taxes, grow the economy, increase employment, bring down the debt, keep the Constitution intact, appoint fair and learned Supreme Court Justices, build our military, support our veterans, give security to our seniors, welcome all legal immigration, protect our families and make America great again.


Update: United States of America Presidential Election 2016: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Written by Juliana Simone

The Good:


Donald Trump. His speeches on policy, foreign and domestic, are factual and impressive, but, of course, the liberal media highlighted few clips from these addresses.

Click to access Radical_Islam_Speech.pdf

Mike Pence. His running mate, the Governor of Indiana, has been a fine and articulate spokesman for Trump on the campaign trail, and clearly is a politician who serves Trump, his state and country well.

Trump supporters. Continued massive turnouts for any Trump rally or event throughout the nation, show the incredible devotion and enthusiasm to the candidate who wants to make America great again.

Trump’s children. All intelligent, polite, loyal, hard-working and professional, they continue to be an asset to Trump’s campaign and show how well-adjusted they are as young adults with Donald’s role as an attentive father. Additionally, Trump’s wife and ex-wives. Melania, Marla and Ivana all stand by Donald, support him, say good things about him and all agree what a good Dad he is to their children.

Conservative talk radio hosts. Each and every day they have divulged in great detail the crimes and misdemeanors Hillary Clinton is guilty of, where many legal experts agree she should be prosecuted and sentenced to time in jail.  They also observe her disinterest in America in terms of how our Forefathers fought to establish this country, as well as her genuine power-hungry zeal to establish the moniker of being the first female President, even though she could not be a worse choice for such a title. Clinton enthusiastically envisions what that role would bring her as long as it lasts, whether it’s more “celebrities” staying in the Lincoln bedroom, or more millions donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Conservative network television and radio hosts/columnists. Trump has gained the support of a number of influential political commentators: Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Larry Elder, Pat Buchanan, and David Limbaugh, albeit David noting his vote was for the lesser of two evils, to name but a few.

Ted Cruz. The Texas Senator has said he will vote for Trump despite differences during the primary contest that led to some negative exchanges. Cruz has stated publicly he will vote for the Republican nominee, noting how bad the alternative will be for the future of the Supreme Court among other vital issues he described in a list on his Facebook page.


Republican legislators and advocates voting for Trump. Dr. Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Former New York Mayor and AG Rudy Giuliani, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum(R-PA), Former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin, George P. Bush, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.  The son of the long-serving Christian pastor and conservative activist who was well known for his televised sermons, and founded Liberty University in Lynchberg, VA, before his death in 2007.  Falwell, Jr., now President of the University, recognizes the difference between Trump and Clinton and how it would affect millions of Christians in America and throughout the world. Public morality and people who want to follow their faith would clearly suffer under four years of Clinton, who has vowed to uphold the policies of President Barack Obama.

Chris Wallace. Though presumably one of the ninety-plus percent of journalists who contributed to the Clinton campaign, Wallace did the most respectable job in the final and third debate between the two candidates. Even with his pressing, Clinton failed to answer three essential questions but maintained her mechanical smile.

The Bad:

Image: Insider.Foxnews.com

The Never-Trumpers. So-called Republicans who are on record for saying they will vote for establishment choice Hillary Clinton on Election Day, November 8th, rather than businessman Donald Trump, regardless of how much evidence points to why Hillary Clinton is perceivably the worst candidate nominated for America’s highest office. Though they continue in their opposition to their Party nominee, they agree Clinton would be bad for our nation if elected.


Here’s just some of them to record on this blog:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell (R).  He voted for Obama, despite his weak record as a one-term U.S. Senator, background of community organizing and an often expressed disdain for America, regardless of the life of privilege he has lived here. Leaked emails from Powell show what he really feels about Hillary: “I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect,” the former secretary of state wrote Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds on July 26, 2014. “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d–kng bimbos at home (according to the NYP),” reads the explosive e-mail obtained by the Web site DCLeaks. (Hillary is actually 69) “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris. I told you about the gig I lost at a University because she so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn’t [pay] any fees for awhile. I should send her a bill,” Powell griped. “Wanted to get away with it.” “Her instincts can be terrible.”

Sore losers:

The Bush family. Though not all are on record for saying they’ll vote for the scandal riddled Mrs. Clinton, but some are, including Former President of the United States George H.W. Bush (R-41), his wife, former First Lady, Barbara Bush, and Former First Lady Laura Bush, daughter-in-law to George and Barbara, whom many held with great respect until she made this statement. Now her estimated character may be reconsidered. Former Florida Governor and 2016 candidate for the nomination for President 2016, Jeb Bush, has stated he will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. Jeb Bush, going into the first long-benched candidate debate in August of 2015, had raised a considerable treasure chest of donations in his bid. Apparently, money is not always enough to win the title one covets.

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R). With winning only his state of Ohio during the entire Republican primary, he somehow yet still perceived himself as the next President of the United States. He did not show professionalism in declining to attend the National Republican Convention in his own state this year, nor would he endorse nominee Trump. Kasich recently had another 30 seconds of fame by providing the liberal media with a sound bite media gladly used with his remarking he did not know if he could vote for Trump. He might be the biggest baby of all.

Former President of the United States Republican nominee and Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, who actually spent and raised money to try and ensure that Trump both was not the nominee, and after failing this objective, could not win the election.

Romney’s former running mate, House Speaker Ryan, has also failed to support Trump from the beginning, briefly wavered, and now has run back to what he perceives as the safety of moderate Republicans, who think if they vote for Clinton, they can still keep their jobs and two-faced machinations of politics intact, with the establishment keeping Washington, D.C. the way it is now and has been for a very long time. Not for the voter, the taxpayer, the small businessman, veterans, women, seniors, college students, patriots, those born in debt today and those struggling with debt, true Republicans, Unaffiliated, moderate Democrats, and other ignored castoffs who are not in bed with this self-serving group on hand, but just for those in the government beltway.

{Editor:} Ryan has publicly stated he voted early and voted for Trump. If this is true, that is commendable and noted.

More-Conservative-Than-Though political commentators, writers, and editors. The Weekly Standard and EIC Bill Kristol, National Review, Glenn Beck, television host and political commentator, and Jonah Goldberg, syndicated political columnist and author, {former Congressman Chris Shays, the last standing Republican U.S. Representative to serve all of New England and who made a bid for the Connecticut U.S. Senate seat in 2014, and veteran columnist George Will,} to name but a few.


Republican voters who had another candidate they wanted to become the nominee.  This group has never been able to get over their loss. Sour grapes rule the day for these people, and apparently it’s more important for them to have their day and revenge and see Trump lose, even if it means electing someone from the opposite party who plans to implement more bad and continued Obama policy, and seeing the Supreme Court filled with appointees that would disregard The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.

The polls: Daily updated by the liberal media with an agenda to dishearten the people not voting for the candidate they are shilling for, in this election year, Clinton. The skewed polls are largely swayed by demographics and oversampling of callers who will provide them with the answer they want to count, as to who the candidate they will be voting for on Election Day, to bolster their results and allow them to continue to falsely inform the public on who is really ahead. The polls considered to be the most reputable, and correct post-Election Day are Rasmussen and the L.A. Times.

The Ugly:  

Image: The Free Thought Society

The network and liberal media at large who threw away objective professional journalism decades ago. They have failed to cover any of the incredibly important news stories concerning Hillary Clinton that they would have broadcast day in day out if it were her Republican opponent. An embarrassing example of what used to be considered news, at best. Setting the bar low, they’ve had to dig into the lowest depths of extremely old hearsay to find anything negative to say about Trump, when they have mountains of solid evidence concerning Clinton’s serious illegal activities. The media’s desperate smear campaign against Donald’s alleged moves on women he claims to never even have met, pale against the more serious and credible negative situations President Bill Clinton carried out with women while Governor of Arkansas and in the White House.

{Editor:} Their blackout of any positive news on Donald Trump has been astounding, an amazing thing to bear witness to in this day and age. No mention of Trumps huge support which has never wavered right up until Election Day, can be shown in this photo which was only distributed through social media.

Jacksonville, FL aerial view of Trump rally October 25th not shown anywhere in network news or national publications


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) considered to be both a nominee for President and V.P. choice for Clinton, best known for saying she was a descendant of the Cherokee Indians until fact-checking showed this to be barely true by a stretch, if at all. Her checking the American Indian heritage box, however, helped her get hired as a minority at Harvard. She is the perfect spokesperson and colleague for Mrs. Clinton, who has quite a long history of lies herself. Warren, going lower than low in her stump speeches this election year, spends her time insulting opponent Trump. The other day, in referencing Trump’s calling Clinton ‘a nasty woman’ in the third debate, after Clinton made a derogatory remark about Trump, she shrilly addressed voters and declared that nasty women vote, in calling these women to action to vote for Hillary.

Clinton running mate Tim Kaine. After watching the Vice President debate, and hearing any of his soundbites as he stumps for Clinton, the man has shown he couldn’t be a worse second-in-line to the President of the United States. With Clinton’s health being a topic, this is a notable concern voters should consider.

Photo: CNN

{Editor:} President Barack Hussein Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama. Six days before the election, desperation is setting in among the liberal leadership. Today, Obama actually was reaching back into scare tactic pages of the Democrat Party play book, trying to frighten needy voters with the false narrative that if Trump is elected as President, on day one he will stop welfare checks, Medicare checks, and stop assistance for African American youth’s entry into college. Seriously? Playing the people as he did since 2008, if not earlier, like Hillary, he is simply lying. Stopping large Government programs like welfare, Medicare and Affirmative Action, are not decided by the President alone. It would be an enormous task to discontinue any of these entitlements, and they would never pass even if suggested by a sitting President. Despite this fact, Trump’s current policies as a candidate for our country’s highest office, as well as his record as a businessman who hires people from every background, make clear he wants to help people not hurt them. Michelle Obama, suddenly believes Hillary Clinton is the most divine person to ever run for office in our nation’s history, despite a litany of previous statements when Clinton was challenging Obama for the nomination in 2008.

A Hillary Clinton Presidency. For the first time in the history of the United States of America, someone could get elected to our country’s highest office as someone who should be serving in time for prison. Here is one list to review, from fine veteran and former Florida Congressman Allen West. http://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/need-know-fbis-report-hillary

A comment on West’s post includes this link: http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=%2Fprelim%40title18%2Fpart1%2Fchapter101&edition=prelim

Even the New York Times is having to publish a smidgen of the multiple unethical or illegal activities Hillary Clinton has engaged in, however much they can polish it up.


The latest WikiLeaks shows what Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile and Clinton both knew about people that were hired to disrupt Trump rallies and instigate fights with Trump supporters to make Trump voters look unhinged.  Two 16-minute videos recently released by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe after a yearlong undercover investigation can be seen here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/18/undercover-video-shows-democrats-saying-they-hire-/ Trump who has had thousands of people show up at his rallies, compared to Clinton and running mate Kaine, who consistently produce much smaller crowds, needed to have some kind of negative attachment to this spectacular story of turnout and attendance. This is what the Democrat hire, now fired, was sent out to do.

We would also have to deal with potential complications her husband-in-name-only, William Jefferson Clinton (D-42) would bring, who was impeached as President of the United States, lost his law license as a result, and was not without scandal. His social behavior patterns potentially make him problematic if put in the White House again even as the spouse of Executive-In-Chief.

Hillary’s record as Secretary of State, is also a problem. There is considerable hard evidence that shows Clinton’s actions and failures while serving as SOTS, doomed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, to being brutally tortured and murdered, despite numerous appeals for help, at the hands of experienced Islamic soldiers, whom she claimed at the time were protestors who were enraged by an obscure video.

Her evident failures show her foreign policy would be a disaster, especially if her plan if elected is to continue as her predecessor, Barack Obama, she chooses to lead from behind, and continue to alienate the leaders of countries formerly on good terms with the United States. Rather than making amends with Russia’s President Putin, China or North Korea, perhaps Clinton could continue to give more millions to Iran to build nuclear weapons. The Iran Deal, struck by Obama, which involved bringing plane loads of cash secretly at night to Iran, could now easily be shared with terrorists like the Hamas by Islamic leaders. This deal, clearly a direct threat to Israel, is very likely unconstitutional, because it was a treaty and not a deal, that was never authorized by the United States Congress. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/438804/iran-ransom-payment-barack-obama-tried-be-sneaky

Obamacare, has gone further south in recent days, and the middle class are going to be punished with high rate increases to somehow work out now in their monthly budgets, whether they naively voted for Obama or not.

Clinton wants to bring into the United States a million Syrian Refugees. Even if one percent of these are ISIS soldiers, perceivably thousands of deaths could occur from assaults in schools to shopping malls, to airlines and skyscrapers.


The U.S. Military, gutted by Obama down to mere fractions of what it was under President Ronald Reagan, would continue to be weak under Clinton, who holds the same feelings as Obama about our armed forces and their role as international protectors throughout the world. Obama and Clinton also share the same general disdain for the police forces.

With this in mind, American citizens should be concerned about Second Amendment rights. The Democrat Party is obsessed with anti-gun legislation and regardless of what they say on camera when asked, they would be more than happy to see all guns taken away from countrymen who keep them to protect their homes against invasion, while they as elected officials, all have 24 hour security surrounding them and their families to ensure their safety. The hypocrisy never ends with Democrats.

As for the First Amendment, consider that gone, as well, if Clinton is elected. Conservative talk radio, newspapers, magazines, and blogs will all be stamped out like a mere spark in damp ground, whether through administrative decree or by the newly appointed Supreme Court justices who would now have a strong progressive majority. For those who direct films, produce television shows, record music, or write books whose message is deemed deplorable, this material will not be safe from Presidential intervention. For those whose message fits the liberal democrat agenda, this material will get the green light, and the privileged lifestyle of being driven around in limousines, flying around in private jets – using that horrible fossil fuel ostracized by the left – and living a life the majority of Americans and the rest of the world will never know.  The press releases and public appearances that preach on the surface concern for those not as fortunate, will really just provide a fake exterior to the true interiors that hold a true dismissal of the have-nots who won’t ever get an invitation to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom under a Clinton administration.

These final two weeks before Election Day, still show Trump talking to his large crowds about the issues and Clinton avoiding any of the issues or addressing the many scandals that surround her. She instead continues to go low and just insult her opponent Donald Trump at every appearance. Trump, with endless amounts of energy, continues to easily make four different campaign stops a day. Clinton, needed to take a week off before the third and final debate to prepare. Maybe she just doesn’t have the energy or the good bill of health only her own personal doctor has declared. Or, maybe she thinks she already has it in the bag, and is already disinterested in mingling with the general public.






Update: Argument Fail: Women’s History with the Clinton’s vs. Trump

Written by Juliana Simone

Editor: Tuesday, November 1st, Hillary reaction to Florida protester calling out Bill Clinton is a rapist. Linkhttp://www.theamericanmirror.com/shock-video-unhinged-hillary-explodes-bill-rapist-protester/

Hillary Clinton continues to avoid addressing the issues or discussing her many scandals in her decade’s long career. Instead, she goes low and uses sensational journalism tactics when addressing the voters who do appear at her events.

In an appearance today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Democrat nominee had this to say before news broke that the FBI was reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal:

“Throughout this campaign, actually throughout his life, Donald Trump has demeaned and insulted women,” Clinton said.

She went on to refer to the allegations of sexual assault that have been leveled against Trump — and his denials, in which he suggested some women weren’t attractive enough to be assaulted. She referenced statements in which Trump said he went into beauty pageant dressing rooms to “inspect” the contestants, including teenagers. Such an overt stretch. You want to go there? Let’s talk about the alleged account many have reported on here:


Inspecting the contestants is part of the job, and any woman who has been a model, actress or beauty pageant contestant knows you can’t show up for the audition or appearance, and not be up to what is expected as the person cast in this role or title. It is also common for heads of the agency or broadcast to make a pass at someone they find attractive. Many are flattered. This is small potatoes as to Mrs. Clinton’s husband’s past with women.

This is an amazing charge, considering who the former President of the United States, William J. Clinton is and his notorious account of philandering. Mrs. Clinton knows full well the long history of assault on women her husband owns.

Note to Hillary and her speech writers, if there is any actual evidence provided of “assault” by Mr. Trump, from this motley crew of women who have come forth for either a piece of the potential financial rewards pie, or for fifteen minutes of fame, “groping” or reviewing the moves he made on a woman in a locker room while unaware he was being recorded, pales in comparison with Bill Clinton’s lengthy record of assault on women.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Impeached President Clinton, corrupted a young White House intern while holding office, Monica Lewinsky, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Lewinsky which led to the general public having to hear many vulgar details about their physical activities.

The former President also had a long record of unwanted intimacies with women while he was the Governor and Attorney General of Arkansas, including an allegation of rape by Juanita Broaddrick.


The list is long, as Hillary’s wayward husband also allegedly had a long term affair with Gennifer Flowers, who was considered his mistress for years. Other serious charges were brought by Kathleen Wiley and Paula Jones.



Bottom line is a good looking multimillionaire, is a magnet for many opportunistic women.

If Donald Trump, as someone not serving in public office, actually did any of the things Clinton’s campaign is harping about while avoiding the imperative issues that will affect our nation, it is miniscule in comparison to what William J. Clinton did as an elected official, from his days in Arkansas as Attorney General and Governor, to his two terms in Washington, D.C. as President of the United States.

Her accusations about Trump are a pathetic current stump speech from Hillary, who played a large part as the damage control chief in getting rid of Bill’s women, and ensuring their ruin as for any future professional or personal lives. The current candidate who claims to be ‘for women,’ aside from destroying the women who made their encounters with the former President, Governor and Attorney General public, also fails to pay women on her campaign staff equal pay, another false talking point she’s used over the past year.

With the breaking news of the FBI reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal today, Clinton’s staff may have to quickly write a whole new script for her to read in her upcoming appearances. The lesser sexual aspersions however legit towards Trump from the Democrat Party, vs. President Bill Clinton’s, will have to take a back seat to something Hillary and her highly paid staff can’t put on Donald… Mr. Trump has no background in selling access to him as a potential future President of the United States in a pay to play scheme like Hillary, nor does he have any record of choosing to use a private server as Secretary of State, which allowed classified information to be hacked by enemies.


Hillary Clinton: Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.

“Conservative Chat” U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter (R-CT) on-line

(l) U.S. Senate candidate Dan Carter (CT-R) and (r) “Conservative Chat” host Juliana Simone


Written by Juliana Simone

“Conservative Chat” – a half-hour political interview show brought to the public from the Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee for twelve years, and has been hosted by Juliana Simone for eleven, airs in six local district towns, Thursdays at 7PM, on Charter cable channel 191, and is uplinked online the following week of the original broadcast, at http://www.ctv13.net

This new episode features U.S. Senate candidate Dan Carter (R-CT) who is challenging former Attorney General and one-term Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) this November. Carter has also served three terms as a State Representative in the CT General Assembly for the 2nd district.

Representative Carter and Simone discuss his democrat opponent Senator Richard Blumenthal and his campaign’s latest ad that shows him as pro-defense, his voting record during his first term, his voting yes to the Iran deal, his joining Connecticut’s federal democrat delegation on stricter gun laws, his tendency to stretch the truth, his independence in the D.C. Assembly which focuses more on trivial things than important issues, and the upcoming debate Dick will have with Dan on “Face the State” at this time, on Sunday, October 23rd.

Carter also discusses his goals if elected, his military record as a Major in the Air Force, and what committees he would like to serve on with his well-rounded background which would make him an effective U.S. Senator on day one.


VP Debate: Pence vs. Kaine – the Professional vs. the Abysmal

(l) Senator Tom Kaine (D-VA) (r) Governor Mike Pence (R-IN)

Written by Juliana Simone

Much has been said about this ninety minute broadcast that took place in Farmville, VA, since yesterday evening in terms of analysis and campaign talking points from both sides, but I want to weigh in for my followers who maybe missed this event and only heard a thirty second AP, Reuters or other mainstream media summary over their radio or television this morning.

It was shocking to hear how the liberals spliced words and soundbites this morning to make it sound like somehow, Vice President Nominee for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) won this discussion. Or conversation. Or however it was nebulously framed by the left, as a debate would be too technical and constraining.

A national television broadcasting network who owns a radio station here, surmised the debate by editing into their soundbite a repeated campaign slogan Kaine used last night, with words Donald Trump has used to describe women over the past. This was followed up when the only thing Governor Pence (R-IN) did in this time period, again in view of liberal mainstream media talking points,  was apologize for Trump’s not being a polished politician. (edit out Pence’s saying like Clinton and Kaine)

How amusing, since anyone familiar with Hillary Clinton’s fierce actions on the many women who were involved with her husband, former President of the United States, William J. Clinton, willingly or unwillingly, knows she used much worse names to call women than Trump is being cited for now. Hillary? A friend to women? Not.

For the ladies who allegedly were assaulted by her husband, or those like Monica Lewinsky, who told the public the relationship with Mr. Clinton was consensual, Hillary chose to go after them and ruin their lives for her own husband’s depravities. A complete hypocrite who claims to be for women’s rights, and equal pay for women, currently pays the men on her own campaign staff more money than her female workers.

Trump, on the other hand, has a multitude of women in leadership positions within all of his companies.

Not without fault in terms of his own past, in terms of unsuccessful marriage, like the Clinton’s, who have not lived together for at least fifteen years, and did not even stay in the same hotel during the 2016 Democrat Convention, when Hillary was nominated to run for her party as their presidential candidate.

Trump’s women, two ex-wives and his current wife for over a decade, Melania, daughters and employees, all stand behind him.

The best the Clinton campaign could do after more than a year of digging was find one ex-Miss Universe, who obviously wanted money, a renewed momentary exposure, or both, to drag out of the woods and say how badly Trump treated her. The real story was that Trump did everything to help her when while still wearing the crown, she did many things that would have cancelled her contract and taken the title from her, despite advice from others involved who told him to drop her.

But, that said, this was the morning news sound bite from the liberal media who support Kaine, and now had to somehow make his horrible performance seem like a winning one: the negative words Trump used to describe women, and Pence’s one sentence the editors could find that sounded weak without the other 89 minutes, for most people who did not tune in to watch the debate last night.

This is how the mainstream media wants the general public to believe this is how the dual turned out among these two nominees. Quite a reach. An amazing job of making the complete opposite of what was true look accurate.

As someone who doesn’t usually tweet, or use my twitter account, I and many others who couldn’t believe the theatrics of this newscast, were tweeting every two minutes. No one was short of words. On my Facebook account, I wrote when it finished: That VP debate was completely bizarre. Maybe Hillary picked Kaine to make her look more stable and less unhinged. Quite a challenge.

It was the most absurd display between two Vice President Candidates anyone had ever seen.

Democrat Kaine, in any other venue, would be considered someone psychologically unsound. Totally unprofessional. Rude, crass and clearly on a mission to deliver whatever talking points he was instructed to do, he came across as a person never to be considered next in line as Commander in Chief of the United States of America. If Clinton is somehow elected and whose failing health has been observed by many professionals, despite denial from her doctor and campaign, Kaine showed viewers last night he is not capable of assuming our country’s highest office.

For fact checkers, please look up the many false remarks he made last night, some totally out of left field. Since the moderator was clearly out of her league, and there to assist Kaine and deflect Pence, the broadcast in itself was almost on the verge of reality TV.

It was revealed today Governor Pence was interrupted 72 times, a record breaking number, while the moderator said nothing except to admonish Pence once or twice to please give Kaine his allowed minutes. Kaine stared desperately at the moderator to break it up whenever Pence trounced him with truth, in a soft spoken voice with knowledge and patience.

Republican Pence, appeared as a comprehensive leader. Completely proficient. Polite, gentlemanly and solely there to represent the candidate who made him his under ticket, with shared policy and party agenda. The former popular Congressman who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2003 to 2013, exhibited himself as a man who could assume the Oval Office with ease. If Trump is elected, Pence has what it takes in terms of temperament and experience, to assume the position of the President of the United States, or run for this office after Trump.

First Debate: Trump and Clinton II

Written by Juliana Simone

Donald J. Trump (R) and Hillary R. Clinton (D) debate number one 2016 {photo: wdn.com}

Tough to jump in at this point, as details continue to unfold in the news. What I originally perceived after watching the first debate, was observed the next day by every level of commentator – from local talk show radio callers to veteran political analysts. The second day, or today, what was not yet detected, was also discussed.

In short, some voices said Donald Trump wasn’t prepared and lax, vs. some voices who said Hillary Clinton, who spent days if not weeks coaching for this first debate, was robotic and evasive. Both sides perceived themselves as winning or losing the televised broadcast that was viewed by eighty-one million, a number only achieved once before in America’s history, when President Jim Carter (D) held his one debate with his opponent, Ronald Reagan (R), who is viewed worldwide as one of our best Presidents, and went on to make many substantial marks in this country’s history.

People listening to early news on their televisions or over the radio on Tuesday heard the mainstream media press release which declared Clinton as the big winner on Monday night. Broadcasters quickly echoed this message for hours until, later in the afternoon, polls coming from many respectable sources such as the Wall Street Journal, showed voters believed Trump won the debate. Reporters from swing states who attended debate parties among the undecided, told their viewing audience the undecided all chose Trump over Clinton after watching the ninety minute event.

In general, analysts have said Trump was even, so he didn’t win or lose, and if he stays just on this level, he’ll be fine. They’ve also said Trump should have hit the ball out of the ball park, with the long list of baggage the former Secretary of State carries on her back. Laden with lies, crimes and misdemeanors, as well as general bad character, Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t even be considered as a presidential candidate. A complete embarrassment to our United States history, where over a million lives of our Military were lost since the Revolutionary War in defending liberty for all, this sad nominee, should not even be standing on stage.

However, that’s the democrat party. They elect and reelect many embarrassing former elected officials at whatever tier, to keep that seat for the power they need to continue their detrimental agenda. Their caucus rules, no matter how heinous the crime, permits them to overlook it, unless the party member is disposable, hurts one of their own, or can save someone higher up from being taken down due to duplicity.

Almost everyone commented on Clinton’s “robotic smile.” Agreed. She appeared to be a member of the cast “The Stepford Wives,” a film from the 1970’s, where real women were turned into replicas of their own self-image, but were no longer alive; essentially living breathing mannequins who would now just be subservient and placid females, happy homemakers, and obedient wives with no complaints.

Oddly smiling ear to ear throughout much of the ninety minute debate, she was either advised by her campaign consultants to make this expression due to her high ‘unlikeable’ numbers among voters, or she was just really ramped up on a damn good dose of whatever cocktail her doctor gives her to keep her appearing normal. Woo hoo! Who wouldn’t be smiling and thinking they were just having the best good time?

Her health has been an issue for a while, but most notably since she was caught on a smart phone video falling down twice, trying to get into the candidate’s SUV after the 9/11 memorial in New York. Other videos have been put up online that suggests she may have gotten injections from a staff security member, after momentary lapses during speeches. The Clinton campaign has laughed this away saying she had pneumonia, and didn’t even know this, but with antibiotics all is well now.

Back to the debate. Pundits have described the first thirty minutes as interesting and the last hour as dull. For Trump fans, looking for the Donald who took out sixteen exceptional fellow candidates since latter 2015, with brusque remarks and brazen observations, this polite Donald Trump, especially to someone as extremely disliked as Hillary Clinton, was less than they hoped for. For Clinton fans, they were happy to see this perceived fail on Trump’s part, and relished the pass that was given to their damaged candidate by mainstream media debate host, Lester Holt.

A big wipe off of the sweated brows of God-knows-why Clinton supporters and the majority of media, embraced the ninety minute censorship of the long laundry list of her blunders and corruption without conscience.

To name a few, Benghazi, where our American Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, after multiple appeals for help to then Secretary of State, Clinton, and the Obama administration, were left unheard, and he and his colleague, Sean Smith, were left to be tortured and murdered (Clinton lied about why this happened blaming the incident on an anti-Muslim video which was made, and not her own irresponsibility – this has long since been proven as a false narrative by Clinton); the Clinton Foundation, (which has raised around 100 million dollars in donations, some from our nation’s enemies, while she used her position as SOS to negotiate a pay-to-play position, which allowed them access to her in private meetings or the assurance of future deals when she presumed to the next elected President)  and is now being investigated by the FBI; Hillary’s email scandal, which allowed her private server and highly classified information as SOS to be hacked by enemies across the globe which she shamelessly lied about knowing anything about to the FBI, and could easily be serving time right now if not for whatever dark political influence she somehow continues to manipulate.

An amusing moment in actual dialogue, was when Hillary said she was worried about the nation’s future economy, because she has two grandchildren now. (She has two from her only child, daughter Chelsea.) Does she really feel she is connecting with the majority of voters when making this glib statement? The two granddaughters are already growing up in a Manhattan apartment bought with their grandmother’s ill-gotten gains for 10.5 million dollars. They don’t need to worry about the future economy. Living a life of privilege, if they never choose to work, they will be left millions of dollars in trust funds.

In terms of those who felt Donald said little, he got out a few good jabs. When pressured by  a hostile Hillary-friendly moderator, Lester Holt, as to why he hasn’t released his tax returns yet, Donald quipped, he would release his tax returns when Hillary Clinton released the 33K emails she deleted from her server.

On Hillary’s staid promises for what she would do if elected President, Donald noted, she has been in D.C. for thirty years, and has had this much time to act on any of these promises, and none have been accomplished. He reminded Clinton and viewers that under the Obama administration the country was 20 trillion dollars in debt, which the Obama-Clinton administration has doubled in almost eight years as President, and that his plan would bring the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan.

They also exchanged views on NAFTA, Clinton lauding her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for his eight years in the White House, and Trump saying he approved NAFTA which was the worst single trade deal ever approved in this country, and how bad it was for our manufacturing industry. She claimed to be against this and he reminded her she called it the Gold Standard.

In terms of experience, Trump said to his opponent Clinton, who challenged him on Washington experience, in comparison to hers, “Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience.”

He mentioned the Iran deal and how bad this deal was, and that the country could not afford four more years of this kind of experience.

Debate number two should be worth watching for all voters in America.