Congratulations, president-elect Donald J. Trump – You’re Hired! – And where we are today


Written by Juliana Simone

Election Day, November 8th, 2016, kept Americans up late that night and well into the early morning hours of the following day to wait to hear the final results of who would be the next President of the United States. What some believed could have been declared hours earlier, as it became more and more clear the election was going to be won by the republican candidate as important swing states that traditionally vote democrat went his way, the media anchors, with pinched and bitter faces, finally called the election for Donald J. Trump, and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, now the United States vice president-elect.

Winning five important states that the former Republican challenger for America’s highest office, former Massachusetts Governor and businessman Mitt Romney failed to – Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Republican Governor Scott Walker, originally a competing contestant for the nomination to represent his party in this election before dropping out earlier than some others from the original seventeen-member bench, along with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI-1), who was also the running-mate to Mitt Romney in 2012, must have helped Trump win in Wisconsin, a state no republican candidate for president has won since 1984.

Another big win for Trump was the state of Michigan, who also has traditionally voted Democrat. Although still to this date, with 100% reporting, Trump’s numbers have not been able to be chipped away enough with what was originally around a fifteen thousand lead, the usual democrat methods of finding lost ballot boxes in closets and trunks of cars, voters who double dip with two addresses or more dead people rising from their graves to go to their polling places. They have whittled it down to a smaller lead, but have unsuccessfully been able to find enough to show America that Michigan is still blue. In fact, after great delay, they have now declared Michigan for Trump.

Why would Michigan vote for the democrat President nominee? Their state has been in horrible economic distress for decades, which is what gave the film industry independent filmmaker Michael Moore, when he released his movie “Roger & Me,” which showcased thirty thousand people suddenly out of work when General Motors closed all of its factory doors in this town, leaving it shattered. Blue collar workers heard Trump’s message around the country, and agreed it was democrat policy under the Obama’s and President Bill Clinton, that took their jobs away and left them ruined.

Surprisingly close with this in mind, Trump still won the state however slim the margin. In Michigan, that’s “huge” as Trump would say, as he became known for using embellished adjectives such as this since he first declared his run, however sincere. With 100% reporting, Trump still has won the state by just over thirteen thousand.

From Michigan Secretary of the State Ruth Johnson’s official page, last updated Nov. 10th. (This does not include the 3.61% that went to Gary Johnson or 1.07% to Green candidate Jill Stein plus a couple of other very small percentages to two other ballot entries. (The Michigan SOTS has now announced she will call the state at the end of this month.)

Republican Trump, Donald J. 2,277,914 47.60%
Democratic Clinton, Hillary 2,264,807 47.33%

A sore point most imaginably among both the sitting democrat administration under President Obama along with the Clinton’s and the Democrat National Committee, they would perceive padding votes or fudging numbers to win this state post-election a feather in their cap. Voters can only hope election law and the registrar of voters who represent the people and the votes they cast, still upholds the law.

Arizona was also officially given to Trump, earning him their eleven electoral votes, but was also one example of a state that commonly votes Republican, has perhaps been altered by demographics of more and more illegal aliens moving within its borders.

This brought the electoral vote totals of Trump at 279 to Clinton’s 218, then 222; with Arizona’s eleven electoral votes, Trump’s final count went up to 290 and Clinton 232. Now with Michigan and sixteen electoral votes, Trump goes up to 306 and Clinton at 232.

Which brings us to the now on-going popular vote argument. The liberal mainstream media quickly grabbed on to a small lead, the scandal-ridden democrat candidate, former SOS Hillary Clinton, had among individual voter counts.

One anchor shrilly stated on camera in the wee hours of November 9th, that Trump does not have a mandate then, a popular political cliché among liberals when they lose, and told viewers that Trump could not change any Obama policy or direct the country in any of the ways he clearly and often described in his campaign addresses, rallies and interviews. As votes continue to be counted, Trump is expected to win the popular vote, as well. If illegal votes alone were taken away from Mrs. Clinton, some predict she’d lose as much as two million votes right there with investigation, but easily, the popular vote as is totaled in recent years.

Still, democrat operatives have been diligently padding votes behind the curtains since Election Day for their failed candidate, and have increased the number of cast ballots for her by hundreds of thousands, to try and save face with the claim of winning the popular vote. With projected timelines of counting and perhaps recounts it could be some time before the real figure is produced.

The 24/7 talking points from the liberal media who did everything under the sun to win an election for a party nominee Trump’s third and final Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, called correctly on a popular network news program, “a lemon,” failed to see what Conway and so many voters did equally. Clinton was a lemon, not only in 2008, when the democrats were grateful an unknown candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, came out of nowhere as a junior senator with a poor voting record who resonated with voters, regardless of party to make a momentous occasion, usurped her and took her off the stage.  Worse and again in 2016, Clinton remained a lemon as she actually added eight years of scandal, corruption and baggage to her already bruised reputation rather than using that time to redeem herself and improve her image.

Despite this fact, the liberal media and the pollsters did everything they could to help the sorely wounded nominee to the finish. The nightly news, newspapers, once perceived as the legitimate source for authenticity, and radio updates told American citizens day in and day out, that Clinton had it in the bag. The blackout they enforced on any positive news about Trump and negative news about Clinton, was a glaring example of a near future that no longer regarded the First Amendment of the Constitution and threw out any objective journalism that had always been their creed.

Even today, as this post continues to be updated, the once-respected media at large, stays on track in announcing false information about the election on either side, and highlight sub-stories as the news tries to distract viewers from the national joy the majority of American’s are feeling with Trump’s election. Choosing to focus on riots paid for by the extreme left in a few areas across the country, their narrative is to say so many people are upset with Trump being elected – a complete disingenuous message that is made up from both sour grapes in their notable loss, and a desperate attempt to somehow turn around totals that show Trump won in a large way.

If Clinton had been elected, voters would be seeing feel-good pieces 24/7 about meeting with interior designers and how she is going to redecorate her living quarters in the White House, though they’d probably leave out former President Bill Clinton’s plans for his separate space. We’d see her laughing and having lunch with daughter Chelsea, the invitation list that included all kinds of Hollywood celebrities, women crying with joy at her election, the balloons falling when the media called her win, and the menu of what would be served after her inauguration.

There would be no mention, as always, of the many still existing scandals that surround her and any continuing FBI investigations, possible impeachment, health issues or for anyone else, probing personal reporting into her non-existing marriage with the former President.

The media continues to censor stories about Trump voters who continue to get assaulted almost to the point of death, whether they’re beaten up on campus or dragged out of their cars, with no repercussions from school administrators or police, but recites stories about minorities being threatened or feeling threatened in their dorms or communities since Trump’s election, which prove to be false.

An irony in Hillary Clinton’s remark during a speech at a fundraiser about Trump supporter’s being deplorables, was that not only were many of her voters that in the same, but she herself. Who had a longer list of unacceptable actions than her, under the list of titles she chose to list at the end of her campaign stump speeches when she had nothing else to say other than to insult her opponent? She who proclaimed she’d be “taking the high road” appearance after appearance only took the stage to slur Donald Trump. No policy. No vision. No apologies. No honesty. No loyalty. No transparency. No patriotism. Game over.

Almost ten days after the election, the liberal media still tries to undermine president-elect Donald Trump on a daily basis. This is their mission, and a sad one it is considering the innumerable problems facings our states, nation and world today.  A continual whine disputing who won the popular vote, despite the reality that a considerable majority of Clinton’s cast ballots were not legit, as well as their complaint Trump’s choices of impending cabinet members have not yet been chosen by this early date, compared to his predecessors, keep the media in the unsuitable and embarrassing light they deserve to stay in.

President-elect Donald Trump will create an exceptional team of professional’s to go forward with him under his administration to make America great again. He is a man that will keep his campaign promises and a man who will implement justice both fairly and resolutely.


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