Voting McCarthy: Why It Hurts But Why It Needs To Be Done

Written by Juliana Simone

January 6, 2022

Happy New Year everyone. The House vote continues tonight in Washington, D.C. as votes dial down to one or two needed for U.S. Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA 20) to become the House Majority Speaker once again.

Why it hurts: McCarthy has been disappointing in his track record in previous terms, failing to make needed policy gains or any real difference outside of bipartisan policies that continue to fail America.

Why it needs to be done: Although U.S. Representatives have been sworn in, they are being held in recess until there is a House Speaker in the majority party. Until there is an elected House Speaker, committee assignments and important investigations can not move forward.


November 8, 2022 – GOTV America!

Written by Juliana Simone

November 7, 2022

For my followers and viewers or those new to my blog, I encourage you to go out and vote tomorrow. America is the example of freedom still today that allows all eligible people to vote for who their government elected officials are in their state and country. Yes, your one vote does matter. We here in Connecticut have an example of one state seat being won by a single vote. This was in the early 2000’s so that end result would probably not turn out the same today. Recounts have changed dramatically since this time, despite any continued good intentions versus the bad ones that have found opportunistic results however odd to switch the outcome.

That said, candidates that deserve your vote tomorrow across the nation from state office to national seats, in my vue, are the following with quick and short notation:

Candidates for Governor:

Lee Zeldin (NY-R) Governor – I know this state well. It deserves a sounder voice for its residents/taxpayers. The by-default incumbent, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, trying to be elected by New York voters for the first time with elected three term Governor Andrew Cuomo having to resign after personal scandals in 2021, is in many ways worse than Cuomo.

Kari Lake (AZ-R) – very impressive candidate who has walked the walk during her entire campaign despite her democrat incumbent hiding in the basement and unwilling to debate.

Bob Stefanowski (CT-R) – his second run against trust funder and incumbent Ned Lamont. Stefanowski lost by only 44K votes in 2018. More appealing personally and hard working, over taxed and regulated voters in Connecticut are hoping he wins this November 8th, 2022.

Brian Dahle (CA) – wouldn’t it be great if California voted in Dahle over Newsom? Newsom and his supporters seem to believe he has an even greater future in politics but this is not going to happen. Having lived in CA for 14 years, I feel for the many Republicans, Conservatives and Independents who still continue to live there for needed reasons. Looking at a red/blue map, most of the state votes red but the big hubs smoke them out. It’s a sad story.

Ron DeSantis (FL-R) – Amazing Governor. Check out his resume if you are unfamiliar with it. Incredibly accomplished individual, Veteran, scholar (Yale/Harvard degrees) and politician.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AR) – Former Press Secretary under President Donald J. Trump (45) and daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee – she’s got it all.

Candidates for U.S. Senate that are in the five heated toss-up races going right into tomorrow plus other important contests:

Senator Ron Johnson (WI-R) – Absolutely deserves re-election. A hard worker who is sincere in his concerns about the future of our country and his state residents.

Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz (PA-R) – who worked his way through medical school and became a success with old-fashioned hard work. His Democrat opponent is perhaps the worst candidate I’ve ever covered when reporting live or doing research. A trust funder who now perceives himself as a blue collar worker is not only dishonest in his campaign stumps to the true hard backbone of PA, but not capable of fulfilling his job if elected.

Candidate Herschel Walker (GA-R) – so impressive he had to jump so many hurdles to get where he is as an athlete. Not easy to get into the NFL let alone become a star. A team player, Herschel knows how to work the field, take a pass, block the opposition and make a touchdown whether rushing or receiving. Put him in this Senate seat so he can win the game for America.

Candidate Blake Masters (AZ-R) – a young, dedicated, strong voice for Arizona and the many problems it has with its borders and for America as an extra sound voice in the U.S. Senate.

Candidate Adam Lexalt – (NV)  Another young contender to bring patriotism back to D.C. and stop the border crisis. 

Candidate for U.S. Senate – General Donald Bolduc. No comparison between Bolduc and the incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan.

Candidate for U.S. Senate – U.S. Representative Ted Budd (NC-13) from North Carolina.


All Navy Seals (Retired) running for office in addition to other veterans. Exceptional patriots and candidates who made your life still a peaceful one despite their sacrifice still standing along with many lost Brothers in Arm.

Incumbent Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) – Rubio has grown into a true patriot for our country and continues to please his state constituents and national caucus. John Kennedy LA-R is a needed voice in the South that delivers common sense for his constituents and country. Rand Paul (KY-R) is one of the most impressive men I can think of today with his medical knowledge and fortitude.

George Logan for U.S. Congress (CT-5) – A toss up race as of tonight. November 7, 2022. Only candidate I saw out on the trail most of this year with my own U.S. Senate Candidate I was an advisor for, Peter Lumaj, that could keep up with Peter. Not an easy thing. An engineer, he is a former State Senator who is a hard working family man, moderate in policy (which is good for the majority of Connecticut voters) and dedicated. The Constitution State has had zero balance in terms of party leadership since U.S. Rep. Chris Shays lost his re-election in 2008. It’s time to bring at least one Republican voice to represent Connecticut people fairly to Washington.

{Editor’s Note: Anyone I’ve left out – my apologies. The list is long of great candidates in 2022. Best of luck to you this Election Day, 2022.}

Summary of CT GOP US Senate Race 2022

Written by Juliana Simone

August 17, 2022

The conclusion of this race is that former President Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of Leora Levy a short time before Primary Day is what gave her the life she needed to win this three candidate battle. Interesting to note some insiders have divulged Trump became involved after hearing former supporter turned adversary, former New Jersey Governor Christie, endorsed convention winner Klarides at a Connecticut event earlier.

Trump continues to rule the Republican Party and in this instance, it put Levy over the State GOP party favorite and the grassroots/base favorite. Peter Lumaj, and his campaign staff are proud of their hard work, appearances with the RTC’s, statewide media and pro-America message. Look for Lumaj on the Fox News Network as a contributor where he has appeared for six years among other news outlets.

Update: CT U.S. Senate Primary Peter Lumaj is the Best Candidate

Written by Juliana Simone

August 9, 2022

{The featured image here shows Peter Lumaj as the 2014 State Party Secretary of the State Nominee receiving almost 500, 000 votes statewide, including inner city and cross over votes.}

In late 2021, Peter Lumaj cleared the field of all potential candidates speaking with any fellow Republicans he thought might also be considering a run against Senator Richard Blumenthal in 2022. Two of the people he asked were Themis Klarides, the former State House Minority Leader for two terms of her eleven terms, and CT Republican National Committee member Leora Levy, who replaced long-serving and well-respected Pat Longo. Both women declined, telling Lumaj that Blumenthal could not be beaten and wishing him luck.

Klarides had an exploratory campaign to run for Governor, and said that was the office she was seeking. The other said she was thinking of running against Connecticut’s second Senator Chris Murphy in two years. Veteran and small business owner, Matthew Corey, an exceptional candidate who took on both Congressman John Larson and Senator Murphy in previous years, said he tried very hard for some time and was not interested in a run in 2022. Others also passed, happy to hear Lumaj was going to run against Blumenthal. He filed his papers with the FEC in late November of 2021.

Waiting two months to publicly announce his candidacy for U.S. Senate to challenge Richard Blumenthal, Peter Lumaj appeared on the Capitol steps in mid-January to hold his press conference.

Lumaj brought attention to state and national news by pointing out that Blumenthal had just attended the CT Communist Party Awards Dinner in New Haven and gave the group high praise. Not a view popular with voters, this gave a new vulnerability to Blumenthal. He had not had a chip in his thin veneer since press exposed in his first run for the U.S. Senate against retired Colonel and U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons that Blumenthal had lied about serving overseas in Vietnam.

Klarides hearing from Republican Town Committees and their state convention delegates that they were sticking with Bob Stefanowski to challenge democrat Governor Ned Lamont a second time, saw her hopes to be Governor dashed. She had to close her exploratory committee and call it a day.

Former State Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney, saved Klarides’ political career and the jobs of her expensive campaign staffers, by giving her a dog whistle on a local Sunday morning political news show suggesting she switch from the Governors’ race to the U.S. Senate race. McKinney said Lumaj was a nice guy, and a fellow Fairfield RTC member like himself, but Themis had the moderate values Connecticut residents’ shared unlike the announced conservative Lumaj. Klarides jumped the sinking ship for Head of State and announced days before the end of January she was switching to the U.S. Senate race.

Leora Levy, sniffing opportunity with the incoming red wave, threw her hat into the ring days later.  Her opening argument to CT Republicans as the last entry in the race was that she was the only one of the three candidates who knew anyone in Washington.

Repackaging herself weeks later she then claimed and continues to claim to be the outsider in this race. She loses this statement right out of the box for three reasons:

One, she is a member of the Republican National Committee. Right there, this makes Levy an insider. Outsiders are not RNC members, or on a smaller level, not State Central Committee members for the state party. (Two people elected to represent each senate district within their state.) She has been a RNC member since 2017, so is not someone new who thinks she might have made a mistake joining this organization. Additionally, she sat on the RNC finance committee which brought her further into the circle, and more connected to D.C. insiders.

Two, Levy was a Jeb Bush supporter in 2016 and throughout his career. Supporting Jeb Bush for President 2016 out of that long bench of candidates that year, she, like any of his supporters, didn’t like the way Trump spoke to Bush on stage and disliked the “low energy” moniker Trump attached to Jeb. The Bush family as a whole including the two former Presidents, (41 and 43) and their wives, were very public with their negative comments about Trump, and were firmly implanted in the “Never Trumper” clan. Their bitterness and scorn was so deep, even before Election Day they all vowed to vote for Democrat challenger but fellow swamper, Hillary Clinton.

Three, Levy has served as a rainmaker for national GOP candidates through her RNC post, giving her insider status and VIP access in D.C. Looking up her political contributions, Levy’s thousand dollar donation to former liberal Democrat Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, public records show, she wrote the personal check alone.

It was interesting to see many of her donations were to real insiders in the Republican party such as Senate Majority or Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former House Minority Leader Paul Ryan.

Levy and her advisors continue to parallel her campaign with U.S. Senate candidate and refugee Peter Lumaj. Borrowing his whole story, she was advertised as being from a communist country, and her public narrative was that her parents had to ‘escape’, too. She became ProLife, a firm supporter of the Second Amendment, was the biggest advocate for President Trump, touted as the only true conservative, and without any factual basis, was said to be the only one who could beat Blumenthal.

In the only debate between the three candidates, Levy’s chryon generated screen description had a bullet point that highlighted she had escaped Communist Cuba.

At three years old, she was taken into her parents arms and landed in America with a granted visa.

Different from actually climbing mountains, crawling under barbwire and evading search lights hoping not to be shot like Lumaj, who truly escaped a brutal Communist country.

Klarides got into the mix excelling her own family background story during various public appearances, beginning with the story that her grandparents left Greece for opportunity in America, but then changed the story that her grandparents had escaped communist Greece and then finally stating that they fled the Greek genocide. This Connecticut U.S. Senate race became a war of the refugees.

The winner in this contest (though he’d much rather not be) is Peter Lumaj. His father was tortured to death in a concentration camp in Albania for allowing his sons to escape to freedom.

And for Levy? She said in her first address to town committees and many speeches to follow, that at the age of 3, she had to leave a shiny red new tricycle behind when her parents left Cuba. This is when Levy learned communism was bad.

Themis, also chiming in with her own version of a miserable childhood story, said she wanted to work as a lifeguard in the summer but had to scoop ice cream in her family grocery store instead. Her current TV ads show a black and white photo of a store front that were the family’s beginnings. They went on to own the whole shopping plaza which allowed them to move into the real estate business. Both Klarides and Levy grew up in privileged homes. Levy went to Ivy League college to become a highly paid broker, and Klarides went to Law School before seeking out the bonus of being an elected official.

This is back story information but it’s relevant for people outside of CT just learning of our U.S. Senate race in CT due to the Trump endorsement for Levy last Friday. This information is also relevant to our own voters who don’t know these details.  

Levy has shown herself on the campaign trail as unprofessional innumerable times.

Having direct interaction with her for the first time after she failed to show up on time for the Danbury RTC monthly meeting, she blamed her staff when speaking to the Chair, and said she would find out who made this mistake. Disinterested, when she asked him if she could speak to anyone still here, he said sure, whoever’s left. This was me, my partner and the Mayor of Danbury. Wearing my Lumaj jacket she waved me off and said oh, you’re with Peter, can I talk to both of you? So self involved, she failed to notice the huge insignia on the Mayors windbreaker, that said “Mayor of Danbury.” She rattled on for ten minutes about her amazing achievements, finishing saying “and this is why I am the only candidate that can beat Blumenthal.”

Despite the fact I have a long resume in terms of titles, as staff, I politely said at this point, we feel the same way about Peter. At this, she quickly stepped closer to me, and pointed her finger in my face, and yelled at me. “Yah? Well, He’s going to lose! HE’S GOING TO LOSE!” She then asked for all of our names, as if she was writing them down to report us to someone. Hearing Dean Esposito say he was the Mayor, her cross nature changed, and she offered him her business card so that they could speak privately.

As a Chairman of an RTC since 2010, public access cable show host for fourteen years that has interviewed Former U.S Congressmen Chris Shays and Rob Simmons, as well as Peter Schiff, sitting state legislators, federal and local candidates, I have never seen such an unprofessional response.

Another Chairman who wrestled with voting for her or Lumaj, that chose Peter pr-convention and still supports his candidacy, described her as “easily triggered.” Perfect analysis after his own moment in July when he asked a simple question to her at a public event of a group he was a member of and officer at the time.

Levy’s only prior run for office she lost, when in 2021 she hoped to be the Republican State Senate nominee in a special election which included her own hometown of Greenwich. Her Senate District delegation voted twenty to nine for her opponent, Ryan Fazio. Fazio went on to beat the democrat challenger and holds the seat in the Connecticut State Senate today for the Republican Party. Good choice. Likability is a key factor in electability.

Read here an opinion recently published from Hearst Media journalist on Leora Levy:

The local media writes so many negative portraits of Lumaj. Surfing the web, it is astounding how they describe this hard working, self made, and deeply admired man. If he was not a Republican, worse, a conservative, they would laud his candidacy and promote him twenty four seven. One newspaper article said he lost as a “candidate” for the Secretary of the State office in twenty fourteen, leaving out he was the State Party endorsed candidate. Winning much of the election night until the big cities came in, Lumaj outperformed the top of the ticket in Waterbury, proving his inner city voter appeal, and receiving almost a half million votes in this statewide race.

But, some people either fear or envy great people like Lumaj, so they do their best to keep them down. Even today, updating this post, a local radio host blocked Lumaj from his agreed upon call in time for a Levy supporter instead, who used the time the program knew Lumaj voters were tuning in to make derogatory comments about Levy’s opponents.

Levy, got a much needed boost by former President Trump’s phone-in endorsement at a RTC a few days ago. This brought some much needed new life to a withering campaign. Trump must not have been aware of the searing Letter to the Editor Levy wrote in the Greenwich Times in 2016 which described him as vulgar among other negative notations. Or he forgot. Or no longer cared listening to the people who advised him to endorse her. Fellow Chairmen and Republicans wonder how much that helps a candidate here in Connecticut, however. Especially one that was shouting at fellow candidate Lumaj during the last two minutes of his speech at an event demanding he drop out of the race a week earlier.

Regardless of all that is mentioned here, Peter Lumaj has a true grassroots campaign and the love of his supporters is something his opponents or detractors cannot take away. August 9th will be an interesting day. Does Connecticut stay the same and vote, as Lumaj has said in numerous speeches, for the party favorite and let Hartford or Washington decide who our state’s candidate should be? Or is the ground swell growing enough here in what was the Constitution State to vote in the man who is, and has always been, the true Constitutionalist? They broke the mold when Peter Lumaj was created. Americans who love liberty and freedom should wish him the best today. Connecticut Primary Voters – be honored to have a candidate like this on your ballot. Cast your vote for Peter Lumaj.

Peter Lumaj, U.S. Senate Candidate R-CT

For more about U.S. Senate Candidate Peter Lumaj:

Editor’s Note: The writer of this article is an advisor on the Lumaj for U.S. Senate campaign and the Chairman of the Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee.

Rush Limbaugh: On Loan From God

February 17, 2022

Written by Juliana Simone

The one year anniversary of the passing of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh hit fans hard today. I’m sure it hit his wife Kathryn the hardest. That said, so many people loved Rush and were touched by his radio presence every day.  Although countless listeners never even met him, they felt a personal relationship with the man behind the golden EIB microphone he referred to almost daily. His listeners were instantly comforted when his radio show started, as Rush chortled over any negative news from the left, the swamp, or other global news, reciting the many facts that the mainstream media left out.

His positive attitude was so strong and genuine; it erased any concerns or fears for millions of followers as he performed his usual rustling of papers from which he read real news stories.  He added his well executed commentary to pertinent sound bites which targeted people who did not promote a free America, who were scandalized personally either from the political arena or as hypocrites, or who were enemies of the United States.

Rush’s brilliance he described as just to be fair, half his brain was tied behind his back. His patriotism was so devout he left behind a library of books for children that explained real history with true facts; facts that get erased from now typical lessons each year. His love of God and our Country shined in the three hours his program aired daily five days a week and throughout the year except for a rare vacation. His love of golf, the private jet he worked hard for, and the charitable work he rarely spoke about gave him some solace. Sadly, so did the cigars that must have contributed to his early death by lung cancer; hard to say as some smokers live much longer lives.

He candidly spoke about his terminal illness and shared how he made it through many months beyond what his Doctors thought he would. As Kathryn told his audience the day after he was called to a higher place, he did not know the day that would become his last broadcast was going to be his final show.

We all wish he did, in that perhaps he would have given us a special message or story or some small thing he hadn’t already told us…but perhaps God intended it this way, as he’d already provided us with such a wealth of information both personally and professionally. You are missed, Rush Limbaugh.

Many thanks to President Donald J. Trump who awarded him the Medal of Freedom as time was growing thin – a well-deserved honor.

One of the favorite things I heard a commentator say after Rush left this Earth was, “I like to think that he has his hearing back now and he’s really enjoying listening to the music he loved so much.” Beautiful thought – and probably true. The Rush we knew would most assuredly want to be back in his studio fighting the fight he fought so well for decades, setting the record straight, giving peace to his audience and loving every minute of it…but I’m sure where he is now, he is very happy, too.

Fox News Network: The Expedient Response with a Second Christmas Tree

It’s still worth posting tonight how impressive it was that the Fox News Network raised if not an exact replica of the original fifty foot artificial tree put up this Christmas season, a second one within around 24 hours. In the wake of some person with a criminal history, an arrest was made soon after the crime on seven counts including arson and criminal mischief.  The man said in his own words he’d thought all day about burning down the tree, but because it’s New York City that has liberal criminal law, his offense was reduced to three counts.

Fox News Media said in a statement, “We will not let this deliberate and brazen act of cowardice deter us. We are in the process of rebuilding and reinstalling a new tree as a message there can be peace, light and joy even during a moment like this.” Thanks were also given to the NYFD and NYPD for their prompt response and resourcefulness.



The decision made by all jurors today in Wisconsin in the Kyle Rittenhouse case was educated and sound, even with the many things not presented to them, or presented to them poorly by the District Attorney, Thomas Binger. Binger, for many reasons that can be listed here but are easily found, should resign or retire immediately.

The mainstream media who works for the Democrat, now left or Communist Party here in the U.S., worked overtime to present a false narrative to those viewers who either willingly watch their programming or have to, due to fed program choices in airports, hotel lobby’s, college campus main rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

{More tomorrow.}

I don’t have much to add that people reading this blog post have not heard already, in that I have followed this story from the beginning and formed similar conclusions well before the jury did the same. What I agree with among the learned commentators and constitutional lawyers, is that the case against Kyle Rittenhouse should never have been brought to trial in the first place, and that it is clear his actions were conducted in sheer self defense.

Sadly, what is considered the mainstream media, in terms of reference not viewership by fellow press associates, continues to put out false information on a regular basis. Their coverage of the Rittenhouse trial broadcasts a myriad of untruths. This list should be easily found online but may be scrubbed at any time.

What should be clear to everyone, is that this young man who intelligently chose to choose his life over the people coming to severely injure or kill him, used his Second Amendment rights that are written in the United States Constitution. The democrat party of today, which only has majority after being installed, focused on this trial only because they don’t want any individual thinking they can use those rights to protect themselves against their unruly illegal mobs when they take the streets.

CA Recalls: Why Davis and Not Newsom

September 22, 2021

Written by Juliana Simone

The reason why Gray Davis lost his seat as Governor in 2003 when voters said yes to his recall, and why Gavin Newsom kept his seat as Governor in 2021 comes down to three things. They’re really quite basic.

First and foremost is the mere factor of time. Almost two decades have passed and in CA, where the liberal legislative majority rules the once Golden State, spoon fed voters young and old have by majority bought into their rhetoric in terms of what is good and what is bad for our country and California. Little to none is true, but nevertheless, the daily messaging has taken hold. The people who live there are ripe for this pablum, having lived there myself for over a decade, and their majority vote should not be surprising to Americans. Unlike many commentators’ thoughts I read after the results, as much as I understood their negative remarks against Californians, such as, “you’ll get what you ask for,” I don’t agree as I feel for the many people there who don’t want these people in office and want to see their state turn around for the better. Geographical red/blue maps post elections show much of CA is conservative or Republican but they can’t win over the massive numbers of the liberal southern and northern hubs.

Secondly, syndicated conservative radio host, Larry Elder, the favorable opponent to Newsom in the September 14th recall vote, is an admirable and accomplished Black man, but not in the right Party as a Republican. Ask the brilliant Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or his predecessor Thurgood Marshall; Accomplished former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; Gifted Neurosurgeon Ben Carson; U.S Senator Tim Scott (R-SC). The list is long, actually. All of these amazing people would be lauded 24/7 by the mainstream media and the left, if they only had a D by their name and ran as democrats.

Third and last, Newsom is part of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cartel, and she made clear in a public appearance that she supported her nephew-through-marriage the evening before the recall vote. This is no small thing in California as politics go. With no lauds available for Newsom on September 13th, the last day for pro get out the vote speeches for the unpopular Governor, as he has created such a large exodus from the state they lost a Congressional seat in re a reduction of population, all the liberals from President Biden to Vice President Harris who flew out there to save him could say about why the people of California should vote for him, was…wait for it…he’s not Trump! Ah, the go-to mantra for the left when another unimpressive failing candidate who has no merits or record to stand on needs something – anything – for why they should be elected. In California, the anti-Trump rhetoric works well enough to get even the most shameful people into office. Fortunately for the rest of America, that’s not the case almost anywhere else, as we all know.

What I admire about Larry Elder, aside from his coming out of South Central Los Angeles to graduate from Brown University and the University of Michigan to then practice law for ten years before his becoming a radio talk show host, is his concession speech. He closed saying , “We may have lost the battle, but we sure as hell are going to win the war.” That is the spirit, gumption and tenacity needed.

Concession speech:

{Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG}

Californians: Vote For Larry Elder For Governor

Elect Larry Elder for Governor of California Campaign Sign

September 13, 2021

Written by Juliana Simone

Like many Americans are thinking tonight, the hope is that Californians recognize what a dire state they are living in under sitting democrat Gavin Newsom and will vote for Larry Elder tomorrow on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. The vote should be unanimously in favor of Elder who would have a strong chance of finally turning the largest state in America in a positive direction and bringing it back to its once golden status. California was a state people dreamed of going to and traveled far to get there to put down stakes and make a successful life for themselves and their future generations.

Under democrat leadership, it’s whittled away to near ruin and drove away many of those born and raised residents to new homes in other states. California is the only place with such a high declining population as people flee from the many and exorbitant taxes, weak illegal immigration policies, skyrocketing crime and homeless rates and an overbearing big government for greener pastures anywhere else regardless of direction. So much so they lost a congressional seat this year.

Newsom personifies all that is negative about California with his reckless spending, liberal legislation, and clueless personal mindset that makes him blind to how the people he represents as Governor live under his rule while he lives above it all flitting from one fun event to another in privileged seclusion from the sad reality all around him. Like most left leaning politicians, his private security detail keeps him away from the violence others have to deal with every day in California, so reducing the police forces that keep his people safe and restricting gun ownership for citizens self-protection seem like fine ideas. His list of failures as the head of this once fine state is long, and it’s why over two million people signed the petition to recall him from office.

The vote is tomorrow for those who still vote the real way, in person. Let’s hope there are a lot of voters who still plan on filling out their ballots in their local polling places, since mail in ballots clearly lose their way or end up counted or uncounted in mysterious ways. There is a news story that’s been out for a few weeks that the vote by mail ballots have been printed in such a way that there is a keyhole type punch on the back of the envelopes that will show if the voter voted for Newsom or not. Unbelievable but if this is still the fact, why was it allowed? Republicans are also reporting they’ve been told that they’ve already voted, when they in fact have not, so the fix is already in as far as democrats and Newsom are concerned.

What they perhaps don’t understand is how many people don’t want Newsom as their Governor anymore and don’t like the liberal policies being shoved down their throats statewide and federally. Perhaps there will be enough fed up Californians regardless of party affiliation or background, to overcome any potential fraud and send the man ruining their state packing. Gavin will be fine. More time to dine at The French Laundry and no one will care he’s not wearing a mask despite his mandate.

Perhaps they’ll elect Larry Elder who, as the mainstream media keeps failing to mention as he’s in the wrong party as a Republican, would be the first Black American to be the Governor of California. A long serving career conservative talk radio host, his fiscal policies would right the state economically. His values would reduce the growing crime wave and make streets and homes safe again. His life travels from growing up in a tough neighborhood in southern Los Angeles to become a successful businessman would focus on education opportunities for those who now find learning impossible. His turning the state around in a positive direction might even bring back some of the native Californians who felt they had no choice but to leave taking their families, businesses and needed taxes with them.

Larry Elder, who’s had to deal with physical threats and harassment while campaigning without a peep of outrage from the typically vocal media, has shown his strengths throughout this unfair negative barrage. How he’s dealt with all of this, except for the conservative outlets that exist for the millions of people who fight for patriotism and love of Country, shows the volume of personal convictions and inner self guidance he possesses. These qualities are what make someone a great leader. 

Living there twelve and a half years over three decades, many people I knew signed the petition for Gray Davis to be recalled at the time including myself. California is special in that it even gives voters this option. Not all states do. Twenty do altogether with different provisions. I wish I could cast my vote for Larry Elder tomorrow. Even though I haven’t lived there in well over a decade, perhaps I already did unbeknownst to me.

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