Juliana Simone is the author and administrator of “In My Vue” created in February of 2016.

The Chairman of a Republican Town Committee serving her sixth term, host and producer of a half-hour local cable political interview show since December 2005, (some episodes can be seen on YouTube – search “Conservative Chat”), Simone also worked as the Communication Director for Lumaj Explore and Lumaj For CT (Gubernatorial campaign 2018)  and as the Grassroots Outreach and Media Director for Peter Lumaj for Secretary of the State 2014.

Prior to this she was a contributing writer/commentator, reporter, editor and web administrator for an on-line news website Ameriborn News, from 2010 – early 2015, where she covered Connecticut politics, and reported nationally from CPAC and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. She also was the Field Director for Mark Greenberg for Congress (CT-5) 2010, and worked for the Connecticut Senate Caucus (2017) and House Republicans (2006/2007).

Juliana Simone was a State House candidate in 2006 (R-63) at the request of the house caucus, having only lived in her district for a year and a half. Her campaign against a long term incumbent was covered by the Hartford Courant, as a gentrification query into whether a female who worked at the Capitol as a suit, could compete against a male dairy farmer whose family had lived in the area for generations.

A native Connecticut resident, she lived in Manhattan for nine years and southern California for fourteen years before returning to her home state.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Excellent commentary regarding the need to re-elect President Trump!

    Why do people in America fight against nationalism and a love of America, instead desiring failed Socialism coupled with a one-party state? It is sad.


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