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Update: Argument Fail: Women’s History with the Clinton’s vs. Trump

Written by Juliana Simone

Editor: Tuesday, November 1st, Hillary reaction to Florida protester calling out Bill Clinton is a rapist. Linkhttp://www.theamericanmirror.com/shock-video-unhinged-hillary-explodes-bill-rapist-protester/

Hillary Clinton continues to avoid addressing the issues or discussing her many scandals in her decade’s long career. Instead, she goes low and uses sensational journalism tactics when addressing the voters who do appear at her events.

In an appearance today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Democrat nominee had this to say before news broke that the FBI was reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal:

“Throughout this campaign, actually throughout his life, Donald Trump has demeaned and insulted women,” Clinton said.

She went on to refer to the allegations of sexual assault that have been leveled against Trump — and his denials, in which he suggested some women weren’t attractive enough to be assaulted. She referenced statements in which Trump said he went into beauty pageant dressing rooms to “inspect” the contestants, including teenagers. Such an overt stretch. You want to go there? Let’s talk about the alleged account many have reported on here:


Inspecting the contestants is part of the job, and any woman who has been a model, actress or beauty pageant contestant knows you can’t show up for the audition or appearance, and not be up to what is expected as the person cast in this role or title. It is also common for heads of the agency or broadcast to make a pass at someone they find attractive. Many are flattered. This is small potatoes as to Mrs. Clinton’s husband’s past with women.

This is an amazing charge, considering who the former President of the United States, William J. Clinton is and his notorious account of philandering. Mrs. Clinton knows full well the long history of assault on women her husband owns.

Note to Hillary and her speech writers, if there is any actual evidence provided of “assault” by Mr. Trump, from this motley crew of women who have come forth for either a piece of the potential financial rewards pie, or for fifteen minutes of fame, “groping” or reviewing the moves he made on a woman in a locker room while unaware he was being recorded, pales in comparison with Bill Clinton’s lengthy record of assault on women.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Impeached President Clinton, corrupted a young White House intern while holding office, Monica Lewinsky, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Lewinsky which led to the general public having to hear many vulgar details about their physical activities.

The former President also had a long record of unwanted intimacies with women while he was the Governor and Attorney General of Arkansas, including an allegation of rape by Juanita Broaddrick.


The list is long, as Hillary’s wayward husband also allegedly had a long term affair with Gennifer Flowers, who was considered his mistress for years. Other serious charges were brought by Kathleen Wiley and Paula Jones.



Bottom line is a good looking multimillionaire, is a magnet for many opportunistic women.

If Donald Trump, as someone not serving in public office, actually did any of the things Clinton’s campaign is harping about while avoiding the imperative issues that will affect our nation, it is miniscule in comparison to what William J. Clinton did as an elected official, from his days in Arkansas as Attorney General and Governor, to his two terms in Washington, D.C. as President of the United States.

Her accusations about Trump are a pathetic current stump speech from Hillary, who played a large part as the damage control chief in getting rid of Bill’s women, and ensuring their ruin as for any future professional or personal lives. The current candidate who claims to be ‘for women,’ aside from destroying the women who made their encounters with the former President, Governor and Attorney General public, also fails to pay women on her campaign staff equal pay, another false talking point she’s used over the past year.

With the breaking news of the FBI reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal today, Clinton’s staff may have to quickly write a whole new script for her to read in her upcoming appearances. The lesser sexual aspersions however legit towards Trump from the Democrat Party, vs. President Bill Clinton’s, will have to take a back seat to something Hillary and her highly paid staff can’t put on Donald… Mr. Trump has no background in selling access to him as a potential future President of the United States in a pay to play scheme like Hillary, nor does he have any record of choosing to use a private server as Secretary of State, which allowed classified information to be hacked by enemies.


Hillary Clinton: Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.

VP Debate: Pence vs. Kaine – the Professional vs. the Abysmal

(l) Senator Tom Kaine (D-VA) (r) Governor Mike Pence (R-IN)

Written by Juliana Simone

Much has been said about this ninety minute broadcast that took place in Farmville, VA, since yesterday evening in terms of analysis and campaign talking points from both sides, but I want to weigh in for my followers who maybe missed this event and only heard a thirty second AP, Reuters or other mainstream media summary over their radio or television this morning.

It was shocking to hear how the liberals spliced words and soundbites this morning to make it sound like somehow, Vice President Nominee for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) won this discussion. Or conversation. Or however it was nebulously framed by the left, as a debate would be too technical and constraining.

A national television broadcasting network who owns a radio station here, surmised the debate by editing into their soundbite a repeated campaign slogan Kaine used last night, with words Donald Trump has used to describe women over the past. This was followed up when the only thing Governor Pence (R-IN) did in this time period, again in view of liberal mainstream media talking points,  was apologize for Trump’s not being a polished politician. (edit out Pence’s saying like Clinton and Kaine)

How amusing, since anyone familiar with Hillary Clinton’s fierce actions on the many women who were involved with her husband, former President of the United States, William J. Clinton, willingly or unwillingly, knows she used much worse names to call women than Trump is being cited for now. Hillary? A friend to women? Not.

For the ladies who allegedly were assaulted by her husband, or those like Monica Lewinsky, who told the public the relationship with Mr. Clinton was consensual, Hillary chose to go after them and ruin their lives for her own husband’s depravities. A complete hypocrite who claims to be for women’s rights, and equal pay for women, currently pays the men on her own campaign staff more money than her female workers.

Trump, on the other hand, has a multitude of women in leadership positions within all of his companies.

Not without fault in terms of his own past, in terms of unsuccessful marriage, like the Clinton’s, who have not lived together for at least fifteen years, and did not even stay in the same hotel during the 2016 Democrat Convention, when Hillary was nominated to run for her party as their presidential candidate.

Trump’s women, two ex-wives and his current wife for over a decade, Melania, daughters and employees, all stand behind him.

The best the Clinton campaign could do after more than a year of digging was find one ex-Miss Universe, who obviously wanted money, a renewed momentary exposure, or both, to drag out of the woods and say how badly Trump treated her. The real story was that Trump did everything to help her when while still wearing the crown, she did many things that would have cancelled her contract and taken the title from her, despite advice from others involved who told him to drop her.

But, that said, this was the morning news sound bite from the liberal media who support Kaine, and now had to somehow make his horrible performance seem like a winning one: the negative words Trump used to describe women, and Pence’s one sentence the editors could find that sounded weak without the other 89 minutes, for most people who did not tune in to watch the debate last night.

This is how the mainstream media wants the general public to believe this is how the dual turned out among these two nominees. Quite a reach. An amazing job of making the complete opposite of what was true look accurate.

As someone who doesn’t usually tweet, or use my twitter account, I and many others who couldn’t believe the theatrics of this newscast, were tweeting every two minutes. No one was short of words. On my Facebook account, I wrote when it finished: That VP debate was completely bizarre. Maybe Hillary picked Kaine to make her look more stable and less unhinged. Quite a challenge.

It was the most absurd display between two Vice President Candidates anyone had ever seen.

Democrat Kaine, in any other venue, would be considered someone psychologically unsound. Totally unprofessional. Rude, crass and clearly on a mission to deliver whatever talking points he was instructed to do, he came across as a person never to be considered next in line as Commander in Chief of the United States of America. If Clinton is somehow elected and whose failing health has been observed by many professionals, despite denial from her doctor and campaign, Kaine showed viewers last night he is not capable of assuming our country’s highest office.

For fact checkers, please look up the many false remarks he made last night, some totally out of left field. Since the moderator was clearly out of her league, and there to assist Kaine and deflect Pence, the broadcast in itself was almost on the verge of reality TV.

It was revealed today Governor Pence was interrupted 72 times, a record breaking number, while the moderator said nothing except to admonish Pence once or twice to please give Kaine his allowed minutes. Kaine stared desperately at the moderator to break it up whenever Pence trounced him with truth, in a soft spoken voice with knowledge and patience.

Republican Pence, appeared as a comprehensive leader. Completely proficient. Polite, gentlemanly and solely there to represent the candidate who made him his under ticket, with shared policy and party agenda. The former popular Congressman who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2003 to 2013, exhibited himself as a man who could assume the Oval Office with ease. If Trump is elected, Pence has what it takes in terms of temperament and experience, to assume the position of the President of the United States, or run for this office after Trump.

First Debate: Trump and Clinton II

Written by Juliana Simone

Donald J. Trump (R) and Hillary R. Clinton (D) debate number one 2016 {photo: wdn.com}

Tough to jump in at this point, as details continue to unfold in the news. What I originally perceived after watching the first debate, was observed the next day by every level of commentator – from local talk show radio callers to veteran political analysts. The second day, or today, what was not yet detected, was also discussed.

In short, some voices said Donald Trump wasn’t prepared and lax, vs. some voices who said Hillary Clinton, who spent days if not weeks coaching for this first debate, was robotic and evasive. Both sides perceived themselves as winning or losing the televised broadcast that was viewed by eighty-one million, a number only achieved once before in America’s history, when President Jim Carter (D) held his one debate with his opponent, Ronald Reagan (R), who is viewed worldwide as one of our best Presidents, and went on to make many substantial marks in this country’s history.

People listening to early news on their televisions or over the radio on Tuesday heard the mainstream media press release which declared Clinton as the big winner on Monday night. Broadcasters quickly echoed this message for hours until, later in the afternoon, polls coming from many respectable sources such as the Wall Street Journal, showed voters believed Trump won the debate. Reporters from swing states who attended debate parties among the undecided, told their viewing audience the undecided all chose Trump over Clinton after watching the ninety minute event.

In general, analysts have said Trump was even, so he didn’t win or lose, and if he stays just on this level, he’ll be fine. They’ve also said Trump should have hit the ball out of the ball park, with the long list of baggage the former Secretary of State carries on her back. Laden with lies, crimes and misdemeanors, as well as general bad character, Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t even be considered as a presidential candidate. A complete embarrassment to our United States history, where over a million lives of our Military were lost since the Revolutionary War in defending liberty for all, this sad nominee, should not even be standing on stage.

However, that’s the democrat party. They elect and reelect many embarrassing former elected officials at whatever tier, to keep that seat for the power they need to continue their detrimental agenda. Their caucus rules, no matter how heinous the crime, permits them to overlook it, unless the party member is disposable, hurts one of their own, or can save someone higher up from being taken down due to duplicity.

Almost everyone commented on Clinton’s “robotic smile.” Agreed. She appeared to be a member of the cast “The Stepford Wives,” a film from the 1970’s, where real women were turned into replicas of their own self-image, but were no longer alive; essentially living breathing mannequins who would now just be subservient and placid females, happy homemakers, and obedient wives with no complaints.

Oddly smiling ear to ear throughout much of the ninety minute debate, she was either advised by her campaign consultants to make this expression due to her high ‘unlikeable’ numbers among voters, or she was just really ramped up on a damn good dose of whatever cocktail her doctor gives her to keep her appearing normal. Woo hoo! Who wouldn’t be smiling and thinking they were just having the best good time?

Her health has been an issue for a while, but most notably since she was caught on a smart phone video falling down twice, trying to get into the candidate’s SUV after the 9/11 memorial in New York. Other videos have been put up online that suggests she may have gotten injections from a staff security member, after momentary lapses during speeches. The Clinton campaign has laughed this away saying she had pneumonia, and didn’t even know this, but with antibiotics all is well now.

Back to the debate. Pundits have described the first thirty minutes as interesting and the last hour as dull. For Trump fans, looking for the Donald who took out sixteen exceptional fellow candidates since latter 2015, with brusque remarks and brazen observations, this polite Donald Trump, especially to someone as extremely disliked as Hillary Clinton, was less than they hoped for. For Clinton fans, they were happy to see this perceived fail on Trump’s part, and relished the pass that was given to their damaged candidate by mainstream media debate host, Lester Holt.

A big wipe off of the sweated brows of God-knows-why Clinton supporters and the majority of media, embraced the ninety minute censorship of the long laundry list of her blunders and corruption without conscience.

To name a few, Benghazi, where our American Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, after multiple appeals for help to then Secretary of State, Clinton, and the Obama administration, were left unheard, and he and his colleague, Sean Smith, were left to be tortured and murdered (Clinton lied about why this happened blaming the incident on an anti-Muslim video which was made, and not her own irresponsibility – this has long since been proven as a false narrative by Clinton); the Clinton Foundation, (which has raised around 100 million dollars in donations, some from our nation’s enemies, while she used her position as SOS to negotiate a pay-to-play position, which allowed them access to her in private meetings or the assurance of future deals when she presumed to the next elected President)  and is now being investigated by the FBI; Hillary’s email scandal, which allowed her private server and highly classified information as SOS to be hacked by enemies across the globe which she shamelessly lied about knowing anything about to the FBI, and could easily be serving time right now if not for whatever dark political influence she somehow continues to manipulate.

An amusing moment in actual dialogue, was when Hillary said she was worried about the nation’s future economy, because she has two grandchildren now. (She has two from her only child, daughter Chelsea.) Does she really feel she is connecting with the majority of voters when making this glib statement? The two granddaughters are already growing up in a Manhattan apartment bought with their grandmother’s ill-gotten gains for 10.5 million dollars. They don’t need to worry about the future economy. Living a life of privilege, if they never choose to work, they will be left millions of dollars in trust funds.

In terms of those who felt Donald said little, he got out a few good jabs. When pressured by  a hostile Hillary-friendly moderator, Lester Holt, as to why he hasn’t released his tax returns yet, Donald quipped, he would release his tax returns when Hillary Clinton released the 33K emails she deleted from her server.

On Hillary’s staid promises for what she would do if elected President, Donald noted, she has been in D.C. for thirty years, and has had this much time to act on any of these promises, and none have been accomplished. He reminded Clinton and viewers that under the Obama administration the country was 20 trillion dollars in debt, which the Obama-Clinton administration has doubled in almost eight years as President, and that his plan would bring the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan.

They also exchanged views on NAFTA, Clinton lauding her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for his eight years in the White House, and Trump saying he approved NAFTA which was the worst single trade deal ever approved in this country, and how bad it was for our manufacturing industry. She claimed to be against this and he reminded her she called it the Gold Standard.

In terms of experience, Trump said to his opponent Clinton, who challenged him on Washington experience, in comparison to hers, “Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience.”

He mentioned the Iran deal and how bad this deal was, and that the country could not afford four more years of this kind of experience.

Debate number two should be worth watching for all voters in America.

Mainstream Media, Meddling and Manipulation Begins Pre-Debate

Dr. Michael Savage, national radio host and best selling author, in studio. {photo: wnd.com}

September 26, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

The mainstream liberal media already began its manipulation of their broadcasts this afternoon, when New York’s WABC Radio preempted Conservative talk radio show Dr. Michael Savage with no word to the number one in ratings host beforehand, to a pair of local radio hosts whose ratings are consistently low. A long time Trump advocate, Dr. Savage has interviewed Donald J. Trump many times over the years, both before and after his nomination to be the Republican President Candidate for the 2016 election. He frequently spends his two to three hour radio show (depending on the station) going over precise details accompanied by negative commentary on Democrat President Candidate 2016, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Hussein Obama, as well as many of their associates.

The first debate between Trump and Clinton will be broadcast tonight and is expected to draw as many as 100 million viewers. It’s been reported for some time that Clinton has been spending days, if not more, in debate prep with her campaign staff and other consultants. It was tweeted on Twitter this morning that she was even still spending today, the day of the debate, fielding possible questions and remarks she can expect to receive tonight from the debate panelists and Mr. Trump. Very uncommon for candidates to still need to be doing this hours before the event, shows signs the candidate, Clinton, and her advisors are struggling with how to put a positive spin on the dozens of negatives that can be brought up against the former Secretary of State, New York Senator and First Lady.

Clinton, beleaguered with heavy baggage from all of her titles, even pre-Arkansas as former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, then-Governor of Arkansas, she has left a long trail of scandal, unethical motives and bad decisions that lead right up to present day activities. It’s a long laundry list which would explain why so many weeks of debate preparation covering so many issues has been necessary.

Savage, naturally expected to go over the multitude of problems Clinton could face tonight, even if she as the Democrat nominee, is naturally thrown prewritten softball questions, or topics that perhaps could have even be sent in advance to the Clinton campaign to help them with her performance, spent some of his first hour discussing her health, why voters should be concerned, and why medical doctors arguments who have observed her for a while, think she is too ill to serve as President of the United States. That’s when WABC radio in New York blacked out his show.

First Amendment activists? Here is a beacon for you of utmost importance. If the left with Hillary Clinton somehow gets elected to the highest office of the United States, expect any opposing voices in whatever media form, to be squelched. Dr. Michael Savage? Don’t allow todays preemption to make you the first victim. Stay on the air and fight for freedom of speech until the bitter end, if necessary.




Updated: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) – Announces His Vote for Donald Trump: The Right Choice

September 23, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone


Donald J. Trump, Republican Nominee for President of the United States (l) and Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (r)   {photo: Slate.com}


Texas U.S. Senator and 2016 presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, made the correct choice this Friday, in announcing he will be voting for Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump to be our country’s next President of the United States.

Cruz cited the two main reasons based on six vital issues in his statement as to why he’ll be voting for Trump on November 8th, is because, one, he wanted to keep his promise that he made  during the original debate with his colleagues over a year ago, that he will support whoever is the nominee, and two, because Trump will sign legislation from Congress, if Republicans still hold the majority, to get rid of Obamacare, the Affordable Health Care Act that has affected millions of Americans negatively.

The other four issues Cruz felt could not be managed without harm to our country, were energy, immigration, national security and the freedom of the Internet. He also stressed the importance of the Supreme Court and the importance of appointing Judges who will uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The mainstream media’s talking points are choosing the go to print headline word, “stunning,” in terms of his decision.

Not so, in that it is the right decision, both as a Republican who truly supports his Party and the forthcoming agenda, as well as the many voters from all across the country, who want to “make America great again,” as Trump’s campaign slogan declares. Cruz, is an impressive man and U.S. Senator who should not be left on the sidelines, if Trump takes the White House this November.

Cruz, well known for his educational achievements, earned two Ivy League college degrees.  With a major in public policy, he graduated cum laude from Princeton University, and went on to earn a degree from Harvard Law School. Renowned for his debating skills, where he excelled at Princeton and Harvard on a national level, he is both admired and loathed for being too smart for the room among his Senate colleagues today.

As a child born to an American mother and Cuban father, he was raised for a few years in Canada before moving to Texas. He attended private schools before going on to higher education. After earning his juris doctor degree from Harvard, he went on to serve as a law clerk, notably for Chief Justice of the United States, William Rehnquist. Cruz then worked for a law firm that dealt with the NRA (National Rifle Association) and in preparing testimony needed for democrat President William J. Clinton’s impeachment.

Perceivably, a difficult thing for Ted Cruz today, in stating he would be voting for his party nominee on Election Day, Donald J. Trump, other than the well-known barbs exchanged between the two competing candidates since debates began in latter 2015, must be the fact he worked on George W. Bush’s Presidential campaign in 1999. The majority of the Bush family have publicly declared they will not be supporting Trump on Election Day, and will be voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who many perceive as the worst Presidential candidate and nominee in our country’s history. {Editor’s note: more on this later}

The pressure from the Bush family must have been applied to Cruz, to not say anything publicly positive all the way until Election Day about his rival, who he came second to after the primaries by a large margin.

The Bush’s own namesake, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who also was a candidate for the presidential nomination this election year, dropped out early with only a handful of delegates, despite having the largest purse on hand in terms of fundraising, due to his family’s influence.

For Ted Cruz to make this proclamation today that he would be supporting Donald Trump and casting his vote for him on November 8th, shows he is many things.

A true Republican, who puts his Party before bitter losses or business-as-usual safety; a true Patriot, who as an incredibly intelligent man, sees the future of our country and how badly it would fail, and continue to fail, with a Clinton and former Obama administration, economically, domestically and internationally; A true gentleman, who perhaps acknowledges today however hard fought, and with whatever choices of words were used to win the nomination, positive or negative, Trump won with many odds against him; and a true visionary, who understands his place in politics is very needed.

Under a Trump administration, Senator Cruz can be appointed to many things where he will continue his long career as a valiant statesman, that defines his importance and career even more.

Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee, Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence, played a role in Cruz announcing his support for Trump.  Pence and Cruz exchanged multiple messages, spoke at length over the phone and then again in person, when Pence visited Capitol Hill a few weeks ago, a source close to Pence said.

Donald Trump had this to say about his fellow Republican’s support:

“I am greatly honored by the endorsement of Senator Cruz,” Trump said in a statement obtained by CNN. “We have fought the battle and he was a tough and brilliant opponent. I look forward to working with him for many years to come in order to make America great again.”

To read Ted Cruz’s entire statement on why he is voting for Donald Trump: https://www.facebook.com/tedcruzpage/posts/10154476728267464







Congressional candidate Matthew Corey (CT-1) and Barkhamsted Chair and Host of "Conservative Chat" in its eleventh year of political interviews.
Congressional candidate Matthew Corey (CT-1) and Barkhamsted Chair and Host of “Conservative Chat” in its eleventh year of political interviews.


Written by Juliana Simone

“Conservative Chat” – a show brought to the public from the Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee which airs in six local district towns, Thursdays at 7PM, on Charter cable channel 191, is uplinked online the following week of the original broadcast, at http://www.ctv13.net

This latest episode features First Congressional Republican candidate, Matthew Corey, as he challenges the entrenched democrat opponent, who has been in Washington since 1999.

Mr. Larson, is still perceived by some voters as a moderate democrat, but he left that group far behind many terms ago. A higher up in his caucus leadership, he has been in lockstep with liberal, Nancy Pelosi (CA-12 ),  both when she had the title of House Majority Leader and now House Minority Leader.

In this latest program, Corey and Simone talk about the many issues the democrat’s under President Obama’s two terms, that have harmed our country, our military, our values and overall view of America across the world – from both our allies and enemies.

Candidate Matthew Corey, a hard working small business owner who has invested in Hartford, owns both a skyscraper window cleaning business and a tavern. Clear on policy, he makes many comments in this show that cover everything from the failed program of Obamacare, the immense national debt the Connecticut federal democrat incumbents never address, the excessive taxation the democrats have also burdened our citizens with on whatever income level, and Donald Trump, and what in his view, are his best policy plans if elected.

This program will repeat on Thursday, 9/22/16 at 7PM Charter cable 191. For those not in the viewing area, this program can be seen online: on www.ctv13.net  –https://communityaccesstv.viebit.com/vod/?v=WPoSvM0AP01E&s=false


Update with video link: Hillary Clinton MSM/Campaign Spins on Early Departure from 9/11 Ceremony

September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton being helped into campaign vehicle after medical episode at 9/11 ceremony

Written by Juliana Simone

The continuing saga of Democrat Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton’s health continued today, after a failed appearance in New York at the 9/11 fifteenth anniversary at Ground Zero. Ninety minutes into the memorial she had to leave. Reports written and with video, are showing the Democrat President Nominee, had to be taken out of the event by security aides, who lifted her into a black van after she visibly lost her balance and a shoe, as she was helped into the vehicle.

Whoever determined the language for the mainstream media as to how to describe this occurrence, have noted two different stories.

One, the heat was too much for her. For those not in this part of the country, it was a temperate day here in the northeast. Upper seventies at most. Windy. Low humidity.

Two, now diagnosed with pneumonia according to her doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, she was simply dehydrated in addition to being overwhelmed by the heat. Perhaps it’s the heavy wardrobe that makes a perfect day for everyone else unbearable. If one is dressed for January temperatures, yes, it is plausible one can be overcome by temperatures over fifty degrees.

With campaign operatives bringing her to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s nearby home after her exit, she emerged after whatever had to be administered to her to still look like a bankable candidate, espousing “I’m feeling great.”

The mainstream media will color this story in a way that shows the former Secretary of State, in its usual narrative…nothing to see here…move on. Amusingly, they chose to focus on her Republican opponent’s age. Donald Trump is seventy years old. Clinton will be sixty-nine in a little more than a month.

This age difference is so minuscule, numbers are irrelevant in this argument. Actions are a better example. Trump, with the energy of someone if not twenty, thirty years younger than himself, makes two campaign appearances a day on average. Clinton, makes two a week. Failing to make any press conferences over two hundred days, Clinton’s campaign came up with the idea to get her a new plane, where devoted press can fly around with her as she sits and pontificates without any physical distress and direct one-on-one diatribe to her minions.

In terms of policy, Trump has made one exceptional speech after the next, in terms of what he will do if elected to America’s highest office. Clinton has struggled with her speeches, and often has to resort to hate mongering against her opponent, which in terms of brass tacks, describes herself. This is a common Democrat tactic when campaigning, however.

Returning to the Democrat Party nominee for President 2016 and her health issues, the cause for concern does not subside. Her recent coughing episode in Cleveland, Ohio, that outlasted all the earlier ones, went on for multiple minutes. This is now being tied into her pneumonia diagnosis that was earlier dismissed by her doctor as something due to allergies.

The former N.Y. U.S. Senator, who though born and raised in Illinois, quickly bought a home in Chappaqua, N.Y. to be able to run for this seat, has had other health issues of concern.

In December of 2012, Clinton reportedly fainted and suffered from a concussion, two months before she was to retire as Secretary of State. The diagnosis was that she had been hospitalized for a blood clot, between her brain and her skull, somewhere behind her right ear, and was being treated for it.

What is available to the public, is she has also suffered from stomach viruses. A physician who called into a leading national radio talk show the other week, said in his view, the chronic cough suggests she has Parkinson’s disease.

Other’s have commented on this possibility, as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr1IDQ2V1eM

Whatever the case may be, voters need to ask about any candidate’s state of health, especially for the highest office in the United States of America. With this in mind, shouldn’t the VP pick for Mrs. Clinton have been more serious? Would voters even consider someone who very few recognized, Virginia U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a plausible future President of the United States?

Clearly, this choice was superficial. It was a simple campaign move to boost up votes in a current swing state that formerly ran Republican. Pundits still wonder if the former First Lady, married to the former impeached President William J. Clinton, is going to make it to the finish line.

If the answer is yes, who in this country that longs to see its betterment lose all eight years of President Obama’s agenda, legislation and executive orders, would like to see this continue? If the answer is no, then good health is wished for Hillary Clinton, but her medical conditions, among her innumerable scandals that occurred during all of her titles and responsibilities that went with them, should clearly prove why she should not even be a contender in this most important race.

November’s election not only includes the future of America, but the many issues the country faces today. Whether its serious needed improvement of national security, jobs and economy, immigration, oversized government, or the preservation of The Constitution of the United States, voters need to recognize why Clinton, or any Democrat last minute substitute if need be, is not the answer.





Update: David Bossie: The New Trump Deputy Campaign Manager

Why He’s A Great Choice

September 6, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

Donald Trump and David Bossie as new Deputy Campaign Manager {photo: Breitbart}
Donald Trump and David Bossie as new Deputy Campaign Manager {photo: Breitbart}


Republican nominee for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, along with his advisors, made a smart decision the other day. They hired Citizen’s United President, producer of the documentary, “Hillary The Movie,” among many others featuring conservative political voices, and contributing author to Breitbart, their new Deputy Campaign Manager. He currently is also the Chairman of the Super PAC Defeat Crooked Hillary.

To the chagrin of most liberal publications, and the talking heads of the mainstream media, this is not good news. Bossie has a long association as an anti-Clinton advocate. Material in this chosen subject is rich, so his choice was an easy one which started back in the early-nineties when first investigating then Arkansas Governor/Democrat POTUS nominee, Bill Clinton.

In researching this update, and reading numerous posts on the news of Bossie as the new DCM for Donald Trump, the spin on Bossie from the left was priceless. Describing him as dogged in his investigation of Clinton’s sex scandals (Bill’s), Whitewater, more currently the record of Mrs. Clinton, as the former Secretary of State, and the Clinton Foundation, a reader/listener would think there was no reason to look into any of these things…why, the Clinton’s are as pure as snow…just ignore the mountains of evidence.

One of the first articles I archived on In My Vue, was the piece I wrote about David Bossie from CPAC 2013, which was posted in April of this year. Impressive then and now, he is a formidable addition to the Trump campaign, who brings a treasure trove of information about the Clinton’s long history to the forefront for voters today.


CPAC 2013: David Bossie

Written by Juliana Simone

David Bossie, leader of Citizens United and producer of “Hillary: The Movie”, is seen in his office in Washington on March 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

March 15, 2013

National Harbor, MD – United Citizen’s long-time President David Bossie took the stage on Friday to tell the Conservative Political Action Conference participants that as CPAC was celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, United Citizen was proudly celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. He told the group in one of the strongest speeches of the day that “conservatives really need to think of new and innovative ways to deliver our message…and film is one of them.” [Under Bossie’s tenure Citizen United produced five feature film documentaries including “Hillary: The Movie” in 2008 which was not allowed to be shown due to established unlawful electioneering communication; Citizens United sued on First Amendment grounds, but initially lost until in 2010 the Supreme Court found in their favor in a landmark decision that now allows profit and non-profit groups to air political material without limits on spending or timing of release.]

Discussing the Republican Party, Mr. Bossie observed to CPAC members “unfortunately, some in the Republican establishment are trying to divide us.” He explained conservatives want to win every election but RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) want us to sell out our values just to win; if we sell out our principles, then the conservative movement is a ship without a rudder.

The author and activist brought up well-known political strategist for the GOP, Karl Rove, who is under some controversy lately for believing the tea party costs Republicans elections. Rove and the establishments “Conservative Victory Project” believes this groups candidates need to be replaced with party insiders who have more moderate agendas and appeal.

Bossie asked the audience, “Why does Karl Rove think he’s the only one who wants to win? Did some conservatives lose their elections? Sure, but establishment candidates lost more.” He continued by saying he likes Rove, and he’s a smart guy – the Architect.  “He and Bush were architects of policy disasters,” he quipped.

Moving his observations to President Obama he said, “Obama all but declared war against conservatives in his second inaugural address.” He noted that Obama’s soaring rhetoric from his keynote address at the Democrat convention was replaced by his clear agenda where he used the expression “collective action,” words that Castro or Khrushchev would use in a speech to their starving people.

Remembering Obama’s promises to clean up Washington, Bossie mused “the only thing Obama cleaned was our Treasury.” Bossie affirmed the mainstream media is in his (Obama’s) pocket covering all of his mishaps, the latest of which is Benghazi. The former Washington investigator reminded the audience that not since (President) Jimmy Carter, for thirty years, have we had one of our ambassadors killed overseas. He cited a House Bill that was a transparency bill for families with loved ones killed overseas.

In regards to the second amendment, Mr. Bossie suggested Washington look into Hollywood on-screen violence before taking our guns away.

On immigration, Bossie stressed we should finish building the fence and enforce existing laws on immigration before discussing immigration reform. On “Obamacare” (the Affordable Care Act) he told CPAC listeners he was pleased to see (U.S. Rep.) Ryan defund Obamacare in his budget plan and that this should be every conservative’s priority – to defund Obamacare and his socialism.

He repeated President Ronald Reagan’s ideology and plan for our country that included free enterprise, strong national defense and pro-family social policies as things that would make America sound again. In his final words he appealed to conservatives, “the grassroots of our movements must not sit on the sidelines…double your efforts.”

Trump Rally in Connecticut: Huge and Electric

Republican President Nominee Donald Trump in Fairfield, CT {photo: CT Mirror}

August 13, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone


Fairfield, CT – Even in what is considered a blue state, actions (massive crowds attending Trump events) speak louder than words (Mainstream media coverage of Trump events and all things Republican). Saturday evening’s rally in the William H. Pitt Center at Sacred Heart University was another illustration of this phenomena. With notices to potential attendees that there was a capacity limit of 4,500 people in this room required by the fire marshal, the response was huge. Doors opened at 4:30 in the afternoon to assure seats to the general public who wanted to see the Republican nominee live, even though he wasn’t scheduled to appear until 7:30PM. Like all Trump appearances, the bold candidate met the limit easily and left many outside who could not enter, but were able to hear his address outside.

Taking the stage a half hour past his designated time, the crowd was still revved up to hear Mr. Trump even with temperatures above one hundred degrees in the designated space. A few devotees, who must have been there for hours, had to be taken out with help from the uniformed officers on hand, due to heat exhaustion. That said, as someone who has covered national, state and municipal events for years, there was an amazing myriad of combined supporters who came to see Donald J. Trump speak.

Few groups were unrepresented. All understood how vital this election in November is and what it means in terms of the future of our country and its success…

Businessman Donald Trump, couldn’t have looked more perfect – like a million dollars – no pun intended. Suit – perfect. Hair – perfect. Confidence – perfect. Message – perfect. Delivery – perfect. Though he primarily stayed on issue, he did deviate to remind his audience how horrible our Governor and state of affairs in Connecticut were, with our long standing statistics of being first in the highest taxes in the union, last in job/business growth, etc. He even remarked how Connecticut residents were all trapped here, since our houses can’t be sold as no one wants to move here, or houses were foreclosing due to lack of employment, or if willing to sell one’s house for much less than it was worth, one could leave at a loss.

He mused over Governor Malloy trolling for a job in D.C. if Hillary Clinton somehow, unimaginably, gets elected, despite all of her corruption, scandals, lies and crimes. Connecticut democrats met on Friday for a press conference to stipulate why Trump was so wrong for the state of Connecticut, when everything the state believed in was the opposite.

The democrat public appearance was amusing in that it made many residents say, Yes! Exactly! This is why we want to vote for Donald Trump! He is the opposite of the democrat majority in the Connecticut General Assembly and everything this party has instilled upon its residents.

Republican President Nominee Donald Trump spoke for around an hour and fifteen minutes. He recited most of his campaign policies which were met with cheers and chants from the audience whenever he hit a nerve. Immigration? Crowd: “Build the wall!” Hillary? “Lock her up!” Nationalism? “USA!”

Holding up a printed sign of how much his democrat opponent, Clinton, had received in campaign contributions from hedge funders vs. himself, with Clinton at over 48 million dollars, and Trump at 19 thousand dollars, he remarked how he could have chosen to use an unflattering photo of Hillary in this promotional piece, as his campaign preferred, but chose to take the higher road, and use an attractive picture of his opponent. He added Hillary’s campaign used horrible photos of him all the time, but it was more important for him to show the facts.

Trump also made it clear how much he disliked the press, and who largely are in the pocket for Hillary Clinton, despite how horrible a candidate she is. He noted whenever the cameras went on or off from the press, they were turned off when he had a rousing positive response, they did not record the size of the crowd, and they went on if one of maybe three protesters failed miserably in their duty, but made a noise before being escorted out.

He deduced that the New York Times was basically just short of going out of business and how in their constant attacks about Trump, their sources were always anonymous – in his view, not even real. He did give some credit to the Washington Post, another arm for the left, for being a little nicer to him these days.

He gave a shout out to the Connecticut Republican Party’s biggest and most consistent donator, WWE’s Linda McMahon, to former GE executive John H. Myers, who he cited as an example of someone whose company had to leave the state like so many other businesses due to exorbitant taxes, to our state chair and to all attendees as to why they needed to vote for him if they wanted jobs and business to return to Connecticut.

A true gentleman, he stayed an extra fifteen or twenty minutes after concluding his speech to shake hands or sign autographs with his fans. He promised to return to Connecticut again before Election Day.

Lightning was fierce for attendees leaving the event. Officials requested that the crowd stay indoors until the storm passed but many chose to leave after stifling hours of heat. Donald Trump clearly brought real electricity this evening.