Mainstream Media, Meddling and Manipulation Begins Pre-Debate

Dr. Michael Savage, national radio host and best selling author, in studio. {photo:}

September 26, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

The mainstream liberal media already began its manipulation of their broadcasts this afternoon, when New York’s WABC Radio preempted Conservative talk radio show Dr. Michael Savage with no word to the number one in ratings host beforehand, to a pair of local radio hosts whose ratings are consistently low. A long time Trump advocate, Dr. Savage has interviewed Donald J. Trump many times over the years, both before and after his nomination to be the Republican President Candidate for the 2016 election. He frequently spends his two to three hour radio show (depending on the station) going over precise details accompanied by negative commentary on Democrat President Candidate 2016, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Hussein Obama, as well as many of their associates.

The first debate between Trump and Clinton will be broadcast tonight and is expected to draw as many as 100 million viewers. It’s been reported for some time that Clinton has been spending days, if not more, in debate prep with her campaign staff and other consultants. It was tweeted on Twitter this morning that she was even still spending today, the day of the debate, fielding possible questions and remarks she can expect to receive tonight from the debate panelists and Mr. Trump. Very uncommon for candidates to still need to be doing this hours before the event, shows signs the candidate, Clinton, and her advisors are struggling with how to put a positive spin on the dozens of negatives that can be brought up against the former Secretary of State, New York Senator and First Lady.

Clinton, beleaguered with heavy baggage from all of her titles, even pre-Arkansas as former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, then-Governor of Arkansas, she has left a long trail of scandal, unethical motives and bad decisions that lead right up to present day activities. It’s a long laundry list which would explain why so many weeks of debate preparation covering so many issues has been necessary.

Savage, naturally expected to go over the multitude of problems Clinton could face tonight, even if she as the Democrat nominee, is naturally thrown prewritten softball questions, or topics that perhaps could have even be sent in advance to the Clinton campaign to help them with her performance, spent some of his first hour discussing her health, why voters should be concerned, and why medical doctors arguments who have observed her for a while, think she is too ill to serve as President of the United States. That’s when WABC radio in New York blacked out his show.

First Amendment activists? Here is a beacon for you of utmost importance. If the left with Hillary Clinton somehow gets elected to the highest office of the United States, expect any opposing voices in whatever media form, to be squelched. Dr. Michael Savage? Don’t allow todays preemption to make you the first victim. Stay on the air and fight for freedom of speech until the bitter end, if necessary.





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