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November 8, 2022 – GOTV America!

Written by Juliana Simone

November 7, 2022

For my followers and viewers or those new to my blog, I encourage you to go out and vote tomorrow. America is the example of freedom still today that allows all eligible people to vote for who their government elected officials are in their state and country. Yes, your one vote does matter. We here in Connecticut have an example of one state seat being won by a single vote. This was in the early 2000’s so that end result would probably not turn out the same today. Recounts have changed dramatically since this time, despite any continued good intentions versus the bad ones that have found opportunistic results however odd to switch the outcome.

That said, candidates that deserve your vote tomorrow across the nation from state office to national seats, in my vue, are the following with quick and short notation:

Candidates for Governor:

Lee Zeldin (NY-R) Governor – I know this state well. It deserves a sounder voice for its residents/taxpayers. The by-default incumbent, Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul, trying to be elected by New York voters for the first time with elected three term Governor Andrew Cuomo having to resign after personal scandals in 2021, is in many ways worse than Cuomo.

Kari Lake (AZ-R) – very impressive candidate who has walked the walk during her entire campaign despite her democrat incumbent hiding in the basement and unwilling to debate.

Bob Stefanowski (CT-R) – his second run against trust funder and incumbent Ned Lamont. Stefanowski lost by only 44K votes in 2018. More appealing personally and hard working, over taxed and regulated voters in Connecticut are hoping he wins this November 8th, 2022.

Brian Dahle (CA) – wouldn’t it be great if California voted in Dahle over Newsom? Newsom and his supporters seem to believe he has an even greater future in politics but this is not going to happen. Having lived in CA for 14 years, I feel for the many Republicans, Conservatives and Independents who still continue to live there for needed reasons. Looking at a red/blue map, most of the state votes red but the big hubs smoke them out. It’s a sad story.

Ron DeSantis (FL-R) – Amazing Governor. Check out his resume if you are unfamiliar with it. Incredibly accomplished individual, Veteran, scholar (Yale/Harvard degrees) and politician.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AR) – Former Press Secretary under President Donald J. Trump (45) and daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee – she’s got it all.

Candidates for U.S. Senate that are in the five heated toss-up races going right into tomorrow plus other important contests:

Senator Ron Johnson (WI-R) – Absolutely deserves re-election. A hard worker who is sincere in his concerns about the future of our country and his state residents.

Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz (PA-R) – who worked his way through medical school and became a success with old-fashioned hard work. His Democrat opponent is perhaps the worst candidate I’ve ever covered when reporting live or doing research. A trust funder who now perceives himself as a blue collar worker is not only dishonest in his campaign stumps to the true hard backbone of PA, but not capable of fulfilling his job if elected.

Candidate Herschel Walker (GA-R) – so impressive he had to jump so many hurdles to get where he is as an athlete. Not easy to get into the NFL let alone become a star. A team player, Herschel knows how to work the field, take a pass, block the opposition and make a touchdown whether rushing or receiving. Put him in this Senate seat so he can win the game for America.

Candidate Blake Masters (AZ-R) – a young, dedicated, strong voice for Arizona and the many problems it has with its borders and for America as an extra sound voice in the U.S. Senate.

Candidate Adam Lexalt – (NV)  Another young contender to bring patriotism back to D.C. and stop the border crisis. 

Candidate for U.S. Senate – General Donald Bolduc. No comparison between Bolduc and the incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan.

Candidate for U.S. Senate – U.S. Representative Ted Budd (NC-13) from North Carolina.


All Navy Seals (Retired) running for office in addition to other veterans. Exceptional patriots and candidates who made your life still a peaceful one despite their sacrifice still standing along with many lost Brothers in Arm.

Incumbent Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) – Rubio has grown into a true patriot for our country and continues to please his state constituents and national caucus. John Kennedy LA-R is a needed voice in the South that delivers common sense for his constituents and country. Rand Paul (KY-R) is one of the most impressive men I can think of today with his medical knowledge and fortitude.

George Logan for U.S. Congress (CT-5) – A toss up race as of tonight. November 7, 2022. Only candidate I saw out on the trail most of this year with my own U.S. Senate Candidate I was an advisor for, Peter Lumaj, that could keep up with Peter. Not an easy thing. An engineer, he is a former State Senator who is a hard working family man, moderate in policy (which is good for the majority of Connecticut voters) and dedicated. The Constitution State has had zero balance in terms of party leadership since U.S. Rep. Chris Shays lost his re-election in 2008. It’s time to bring at least one Republican voice to represent Connecticut people fairly to Washington.

{Editor’s Note: Anyone I’ve left out – my apologies. The list is long of great candidates in 2022. Best of luck to you this Election Day, 2022.}