Trump Rally in Connecticut: Huge and Electric

Republican President Nominee Donald Trump in Fairfield, CT {photo: CT Mirror}

August 13, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone


Fairfield, CT – Even in what is considered a blue state, actions (massive crowds attending Trump events) speak louder than words (Mainstream media coverage of Trump events and all things Republican). Saturday evening’s rally in the William H. Pitt Center at Sacred Heart University was another illustration of this phenomena. With notices to potential attendees that there was a capacity limit of 4,500 people in this room required by the fire marshal, the response was huge. Doors opened at 4:30 in the afternoon to assure seats to the general public who wanted to see the Republican nominee live, even though he wasn’t scheduled to appear until 7:30PM. Like all Trump appearances, the bold candidate met the limit easily and left many outside who could not enter, but were able to hear his address outside.

Taking the stage a half hour past his designated time, the crowd was still revved up to hear Mr. Trump even with temperatures above one hundred degrees in the designated space. A few devotees, who must have been there for hours, had to be taken out with help from the uniformed officers on hand, due to heat exhaustion. That said, as someone who has covered national, state and municipal events for years, there was an amazing myriad of combined supporters who came to see Donald J. Trump speak.

Few groups were unrepresented. All understood how vital this election in November is and what it means in terms of the future of our country and its success…

Businessman Donald Trump, couldn’t have looked more perfect – like a million dollars – no pun intended. Suit – perfect. Hair – perfect. Confidence – perfect. Message – perfect. Delivery – perfect. Though he primarily stayed on issue, he did deviate to remind his audience how horrible our Governor and state of affairs in Connecticut were, with our long standing statistics of being first in the highest taxes in the union, last in job/business growth, etc. He even remarked how Connecticut residents were all trapped here, since our houses can’t be sold as no one wants to move here, or houses were foreclosing due to lack of employment, or if willing to sell one’s house for much less than it was worth, one could leave at a loss.

He mused over Governor Malloy trolling for a job in D.C. if Hillary Clinton somehow, unimaginably, gets elected, despite all of her corruption, scandals, lies and crimes. Connecticut democrats met on Friday for a press conference to stipulate why Trump was so wrong for the state of Connecticut, when everything the state believed in was the opposite.

The democrat public appearance was amusing in that it made many residents say, Yes! Exactly! This is why we want to vote for Donald Trump! He is the opposite of the democrat majority in the Connecticut General Assembly and everything this party has instilled upon its residents.

Republican President Nominee Donald Trump spoke for around an hour and fifteen minutes. He recited most of his campaign policies which were met with cheers and chants from the audience whenever he hit a nerve. Immigration? Crowd: “Build the wall!” Hillary? “Lock her up!” Nationalism? “USA!”

Holding up a printed sign of how much his democrat opponent, Clinton, had received in campaign contributions from hedge funders vs. himself, with Clinton at over 48 million dollars, and Trump at 19 thousand dollars, he remarked how he could have chosen to use an unflattering photo of Hillary in this promotional piece, as his campaign preferred, but chose to take the higher road, and use an attractive picture of his opponent. He added Hillary’s campaign used horrible photos of him all the time, but it was more important for him to show the facts.

Trump also made it clear how much he disliked the press, and who largely are in the pocket for Hillary Clinton, despite how horrible a candidate she is. He noted whenever the cameras went on or off from the press, they were turned off when he had a rousing positive response, they did not record the size of the crowd, and they went on if one of maybe three protesters failed miserably in their duty, but made a noise before being escorted out.

He deduced that the New York Times was basically just short of going out of business and how in their constant attacks about Trump, their sources were always anonymous – in his view, not even real. He did give some credit to the Washington Post, another arm for the left, for being a little nicer to him these days.

He gave a shout out to the Connecticut Republican Party’s biggest and most consistent donator, WWE’s Linda McMahon, to former GE executive John H. Myers, who he cited as an example of someone whose company had to leave the state like so many other businesses due to exorbitant taxes, to our state chair and to all attendees as to why they needed to vote for him if they wanted jobs and business to return to Connecticut.

A true gentleman, he stayed an extra fifteen or twenty minutes after concluding his speech to shake hands or sign autographs with his fans. He promised to return to Connecticut again before Election Day.

Lightning was fierce for attendees leaving the event. Officials requested that the crowd stay indoors until the storm passed but many chose to leave after stifling hours of heat. Donald Trump clearly brought real electricity this evening.









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