Hartford’s Old State House Closes Due to Lack of Funding


June 29, 2016

Written by Juliana Simone

Hartford, CT – This Wednesday was the final day anyone could visit the esteemed Old State House building in downtown Hartford, due to lack of funding.  The state legislature under Governor Dannel Malloy (D) and a democrat majority for decades, finds itself in debt to the tune of over twenty billion dollars. http://mercatus.org/statefiscalrankings/connecticuthttps://ballotpedia.org/Connecticut_state_budget_and_finances

Cuts had to be made and so simple things like closing an educational and historic icon like the Old State House was an easy selection, whereas tougher choices that included annual raises for tenured UCONN employees, http://ctmirror.org/2016/06/22/a-few-top-uconn-officials-get-hefty-pay-increases-despite-tough-times/ special interest groups, major city grants and perks, transportation growth plans that never make any notable improvements but continue to feed perhaps the hungriest mouth in Connecticut, were stricken off the list in what was once known as “the Constitution State.” Liberals here have long preferred its second nickname, “the Nutmeg State” which is much better as it stands now, especially when one drops the ‘meg.’

Yale University, Connecticut’s Ivy League college has made national news recently as the once fine institution which continues to back down to demands by young students who feel it’s their right to dictate in today’s social makeup what the academic program should consist of – or not. Apparently, classic English authors like Shakespeare, Eliot and Milton are being described by this minority group as “dead white men” who “create a culture that is hostile to students of color.” http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jun/2/yale-students-white-male-writers-hostile-culture/

The Connecticut General Assembly has also become more and more lenient in terms of its “Early Release Programs” that allow felons to get out of prison much sooner than their original sentences. Prison guards were another cut from this session’s budget since they are not needed anymore, with fewer and fewer prisoners to watch over every day. Many of the early-released inmates had records which included assault, rape and burglary. Early on when this legislation passed, the test period quickly showed it was a failure with these newly released criminals, immediately returning to a life of crime. http://www.myrecordjournal.com/News/TopNews/5512239-154/republicans-blast-early-release-program-following-southington-death.html

The Old State House, which first opened in 1792, was purportedly designed by architect Charles Bulfinch, and designated a national landmark in 1960. It is something the liberal legislators down at the Capitol, could easily dispense with in terms of financing, and in terms of satisfying their supporters who continue to fight to erase America’s forefather’s from our currency, to call for statues of our finest Presidents to be taken down and even for classic movies like “White Christmas” to be deemed offensive and either stricken from airplay or remade.

Despite all the bizarre, unbalanced and inflamed politics that exist today, in Connecticut, throughout the country and the world, something as informative and inspiring as the Old State House in Connecticut should not be closed. For many children, it is a field trip that first opens their eyes to the wonders of history and the lessons behind it. For adults who revisit either with their own children, to attend an event or take in an exhibit, the Old State House has always made a case for why it was an important museum and fixture of downtown Hartford.

On May 3rd of 2011, an original copy of the July 4th, 1776 Declaration of Independence was made available for viewing at the Old State House. Writing for Ameriborn News, an on-line news site based in Connecticut, I covered this story.  It was a thrill to stand in front of the document and read it line by line.

DeclarationofIndependenceOneof26 (1)CUDOIctoldstatehouse2011 (1)

Americans and all people who cherish freedom and liberty should remember this Independence Day and what July 4th really means, and what had to transpire to make the United States what it is today, even if it means including voices of dissent who don’t really understand they are fighting against something that gave them this privilege. Let’s hope the Old State House reopens soon and that current and future generations can learn from all the vast information that it contains within its walls.


JSandDOICTOldStatehouse2011 (1)
Juliana Simone in the Old State House with the Declaration of Independence, May 2011 {All photos in this article by Juliana Simone except photo of Simone by William Landers}

{Editor’s Note: Still searching, but at the time of this post I’m unable to find the original article I wrote about this event at the Old State House. Over the years, writing for Ameriborn News, when the site would suddenly be taken down, some articles would be lost if not backed up yet at the time. Still have the photos, however, and if anyone wants to see the two-headed calf from the mammal room, I’ll post my photo but here’s a link about the small room on the top floor: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/museum-natural-other-curiosities }


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