The Anti-Trump Stump

Written by Juliana Simone

March 18th, 2016


Lindsey Graham’s endorsement of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday, states his reason for this as being Cruz is our “best chance to stop Donald Trump.” This shows the Republican National Committee does believe it is much more important to take out the popular frontrunner, than the Democrat challenger, former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Other supposed Republicans, also have picked up this torch and are clearly making it more of a goal to assure businessman Donald Trump does not receive the nomination at the upcoming Republican National Convention, regardless of how many states he’s won in the primaries, and how the majority of voters from both parties and the independents, have clearly made him their choice.

As a veteran RNC rules committee member has affirmed recently, it’s the RNC super-delegates and delegates who make this decision. Who cares about the majority of people who took the time to go to their polling places and cast a vote for Trump, and how much it cost municipalities to conduct these primaries?

Apparently, it’s more important for the GOP establishment to lose the Presidential race in 2016 then let Donald Trump win the country’s highest office. They would rather allow a democrat candidate running for the second time, who is now associated with more illegal acts and scandal than her previous run in 2008, to win and during her term bury the United States, in four to eight more years of the liberal policies that have made America the weak and blemished country it is today, after two terms of the Obama administration.

There’s a goal!

Which brings many commentators to note, how much does the Republican establishment really care about the American people and those who are registered with their party? It is clearly more important to them that they dictate the outcome of races, however large or small, by choosing the candidates, effecting results at the state and federal conventions, what insider friends can continue to give jobs, and who will allow them if elected, to keep their jobs and affluent lifestyle, whether it’s as a legislator or someone behind the scenes who works as a consultant, adviser, staff hire or lobbyist.

Sure, there are some never-Trump haters who would rather toss the election to perhaps who is arguably the worst candidate ever put up for our country’s highest office, that the establishment feels they are connecting with or protecting, but the current numbers clearly show they’re in the minority.

For the Republicans who work in politics, or volunteer for their state parties or a particular candidate’s campaign local or federal, it’s been known for a long time now that Republican’s do most of the Democrats work for them.  Their continual attacks against fellow party members, however revered or popular, meddling at the convention level to throw over the candidate who has earned the nomination over someone else regardless of experience or likely voter turnout, gets chosen either due to deep pockets or insider influence.

Unfortunately, this insider influence often doesn’t pick the winners, but it does provide them with their position and livelihood. Even if they truly care about winning, maybe they just don’t have the gift or objectivity to choose the right candidate.  Outside of D.C., there are even public figures who are declaring they’d rather help Hillary Clinton win then see Donald Trump become the party nominee.

The Kendrick’s, Arizona’s owners of the baseball team the “Diamondbacks” have come out to say they would rather lose thousands of dollars a month with less ticket sales to their games by making their position known, then see Trump nominated. This is an odd decision, as Trump has two important endorsements from the state of Arizona already – former Governor Jan Brewer, who was another anti-immigration advocate lambasted by the mainstream media, regardless of how many millions of dollars this issue cost her state and taxpayers, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who also agrees how important it is to stop the influx of illegal immigration and has seen first-hand the damage it does on a continual basis.

The Kendrick’s comments, as conservatives, seem disjointed, in that Ken Kendrick announced he was fine with 100,000 people not attending their major league team games if in protest to their decision to not support Trump, they stood up for the right thing – Mrs. Kendrick, making comments from a Phoenix suburb after hearing this said she hoped Ken kept feeling this way. Kendrick is someone who has poured tens of millions into advertising dollars to stop Trump’s road into the party nomination. For the record, Mrs. Kendrick was a Rubio supporter, who gave at least $350,000 to the Florida U.S. Senator also seeking the nomination to run as the 2016 Presidential candidate.

Rubio who gave one of his best speeches after losing Florida, which perhaps left voters wonder where this man was during the race, now is blaming the media for his loss as the nominee, and also saying he won’t run for another term as U.S. Senator.

The trail continues with the Ricketts who founded Ameritrade, own the Chicago Cubs, and Club for Growth, a fund and a PAC which has spent more than 28 million dollars in anti-Trump advertising over anti-Clinton ads. They feel satisfied with their views and spending, saying all of the negative Trump things will come out eventually. Perhaps they should focus, as “true” republicans and conservatives how many more serious negative things about Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton have come out for decades, and are still coming out present day.

If their thinking is they will do this after Texas U.S. Senator Cruz becomes the nominee, or one-state winner, John Kasich, what they sadly don’t understand is neither Cruz nor Kasich will beat Clinton, regardless of Cruz’s exceptional education and patriotic dedication to the Constitution, or Kasich’s warm and fuzzy moderate ‘I’ll-just-get-along’ message. Moderate democrats and independents won’t vote for a conservative who holds the bible up at events, however admirable this is in a country founded by Christians, and Kasich’s cross the aisle handshake extension, won’t bring in the frustrated American’s who can get more of that from Clinton, and did not elect 2008 Republican Presidential nominee Arizona’s U.S. Senator John McCain or 2012 nominee former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Conservative magazines, who still perceive themselves this way, such as the “National Review,” have dedicated whole issues to why Trump should not be the nominee. The democrat party couldn’t ask more from the liberal magazine “Mother Jones.”

Donald Trump, in respect to conservatism: he has the most amazing children, all on solid ground, who are achievers, and did not take the fact their father had money as a lifestyle choice that now allowed them to do nothing all day but perhaps sit on their surfboards in hopes of catching a wave; in respect to Christianity, he proudly states he is of this faith;  in terms of abortion, though later in life, which is not uncommon, he realized he is pro-life; as for patriotism, his message has resonated loud and clear with the masses, in that quite simply, he considers being a patriot as someone who will keep America free and safe, even though this stance is faulted every day by the media and his democrat opponents, as if this is wrong; Marriage: although married three times, his current wife and two ex-wives have only good things to say about him, which is a testimony in itself; Constitutionally, Trump stands by the second amendment, the first, etc.

The Clinton’s, though not married more than once, live in a façade of a marriage, for political ambition and most probably monetary concessions (if they were to divorce). The former President of the United States, has reportedly had continued extramarital affairs, which could be argued as understandable when there is no relationship with their spouse for multiple years.  Hillary, to this day portrays herself to the public, as a woman who cares about her fellow females, and is the opposite to Republican party members who are holding a ‘war against women,’ despite the fact she allegedly led multiple abusive attacks on the women her husband was involved with since marrying.

The Clinton’s, from what research reveals, haven’t lived together after leaving the White House, and have rarely been seen together for over a decade except for gratis publicity photo ops during Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 Presidential run among the Democrat Party. Understandably, perhaps the disgrace the forty-second President brought to the Clinton brand name, after his affair with young intern Monica Lewinsky while serving as President, was enough for the former First Lady to move on with her own career.

Nee, William Jefferson Blythe III, Bill Clinton has maintained the quickly purchased lodging in Chappaqua, N.Y., purchased by the couple that allowed his wife, to run for the U.S. Senate in New York.  The Illinois native had no affiliation with this state, but in terms of campaign ambition, it had clout, and was arguably winnable due to its majority of democrat voters. She succeeded, despite initial rejection from constituents, and went on to lead an unimpressive role in the United States Senate.

Mrs. Clinton today, according to published articles, lives in D.C on Whitehaven Street in a home that cost almost three million dollars, and would sell today for over six million.

It’s believed if not for her continued ambitions to be the first female President of the United States, the two would have divorced and moved on.  Both of the Clinton’s will be seventy years old, or soon turning seventy come this November.

Despite the numerous scandals surrounding both Hillary and Bill Clinton, past and present, the one-time Secretary of State appointed under current President Barack H. Obama, continues to push forth her dream to be the first female President of the United States. For those in the know, there could not be a worst choice and the list is long as to why. For now, Vermont U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders, continues to challenge her for the democrat nomination at the upcoming national convention. Regardless of his popularity among the under-thirty voting demographic, Mrs. Clinton had sewn up the super-delegate vote needed within their party to receive the nomination, before the challenge even started.

Where does this leave the youth vote who wanted Sanders and not Clinton? Nowhere. But, for those indoctrinated by an education system that promotes liberal ideology, they’ll just hold their nose and vote for the corrupt Clinton rather than a true patriot with concerns about America’s future like businessman Donald Trump, or Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Governor John Kasich, after winning his own state, is also still hoping to receive the Republican nomination at the GOP convention.


One thought on “The Anti-Trump Stump”

  1. Note to GOP: defeating Democrat nominee, not each other, is the only goal that matters. Forget that and our country suffers greatly


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