Archives:Southern Republican Leadership Conference: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in New Orleans addressing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (photo:


Written by Juliana Simone

June 17, 2011

New Orleans – Louisiana’s popular Governor Bobby Jindal finished up the Friday speakers list, talking before many state and national supporters in attendance who gathered these three days in June to see first hand the majority of Republican Presidential Candidates for 2012 and active U.S. Senators and Congressmen. A standing ovation greeted the Governor and his lovely wife. The Governor had a VIP buffet dinner in the Hotel Hilton Riverside later that evening.

Looking back in time when he was first elected as Governor, Jindal told the crowd how when he visited the state prison, people there said to him ‘you’re the first Governor to come to our prison without handcuffs on.’

Now years later, the Governor was proud to state Louisiana was number one in economic development in the entire country. “When government creates a job it costs taxpayers money – When Americans create jobs it saves taxpayers money,” he observed.

Addressing child abuse, Jindal said in Louisiana, ‘we’ve passed laws giving our judges the option of castration.’ He wondered why other states and federal lawmakers are so lax in terms of punishment for those who commit such heinous crimes against others.

‘We must focus our energies on replacing President Obama. Hating President Obama is foolish but defeating President Obama is crucial. What President Obama thinks is best for this country is a disaster. America is approaching a tipping point. Despite all this failure, he is asking us for four more years,’ he stated.

On the economy, the Louisiana Governor said, America’s addicted to spending. “Will we continue to be enablers?” he asked.

“We won a majority last year, he said in closing. We must now put that majority to use. Our leaders stopped being conservative,” he reflected.

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Later, at the Governor’s dinner which Ameriborn News attended, the Governor was approachable to any and all of his constituents, and out of state supporters for the entire engagement. Clearly, he is an amiable man who is a true patriot at heart. With views of large freighters floating down the Mississippi River, patrons ate from multiple tables of representative Cajun cuisine. Having to attend many of these functions, I commend the Governor for his generous layout of food – from carving tables of roast beef in every doneness, to Creole jambalaya and Italian pastas. Appetizers, salad and desserts were also on hand as well as a cash bar which many of us had drink tickets for out of appreciation for our service.




Editors note:

Many thanks to the fine carver who assessing the situation, went and fetched me a chair from rooms away to sit down. I am sure this is something she was not in the habit of doing even with Southern hospitality, but noted why I was eating on my own.



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